Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Another week gone by! On my desk this week is a continuation of last week’s project.

Having finished the 3-D silver butterflies card, I wanted to make an insert for it, and a box. I decided I would give it to my sister for her birthday at the beginning of March. We are seeing them tomorrow and I thought she could have it then – it’s really a combined card and present!

On the left is a piece of fairly dense silver-grey card with a bit of sparkle to it, which I bought at a craft show last year. It feels rather similar to the very stiff dark blue card that I blunted my blade and damaged my mat trying to cut when I first started with Sheba, my Black Cat Cougar cutting machine, and not wanting to risk any such thing happening again, I used her 60+ degree blade, which is a heavy-duty version of the normal 60 degree blade. The small cuts at the top of the sheet are all the test rectangles I cut, starting with very low force and gradually working up until I was happy. I was then able to cut out the mat layers for my silver butterfly – I designed the mat layer in Inkscape today so that butterfly svg is now complete – the revised version is now on my Skydrive for free download if anyone would like to use it.

On the right of my desk, at the front, you can see the small butterfly on its mat layer. I did two of these; one of them is used as a closure for the inside wrapper of the card box. I am doing another post about the completion of the 3-D silver butterflies project.

At the back of the desk on the right are a couple of doilies that have been hanging around – I am going to use them in project sometime, and they need to be put away till I’m ready!

In the centre is the box I’ve made for the card, made from the same card as the mat layer of the butterflies. The lid is covered with a printout of a free butterfly background paper I downloaded from the Internet today. In front is the 3-D butterfly card open, with its card insert fixed in. This is made of vellum, printed with another butterfly background image I downloaded and altered the colours – I first desaturated it and then re-coloured it blue, using Serif PhotoPlus. The sentiment is text on a path, in grey. I have stuck down one of my complete-cut silver butterflies under the card insert, bottom right, and it shows through the vellum in a nice subtle way – so subtle you can’t actually see it on this photo.

Not sure how many desks I’ll get to visit tomorrow as we are going to my parents’ in the afternoon and I may be too tired later. I am not sleeping at all well at the moment and spend most of the morning in bed!

Happy WOYWW, everyone!


  1. ....what a stunning card, there is something quite magical about butterflies and your Sister will love it...Have a lovely week...Mel :)

  2. Hey there, your card is stunning and I am sure your sis will love it. Hope you get more sleep soon and that you can do some desk hoping over a few days, it was nice to see you back in action last week.

  3. PS: where do I find your skydrive?

  4. Such pretty butterflies, I had a look at your other post. Enjoy this week's WOYWW snoop around the world. Take care Zo xx 81

  5. just seen your finished card and its outstanding,x

  6. I peeked at your newest post to see the card in all its glory -- wowza! Your sister should be very pleased with your beautiful work.

    Count me as #108, in awe!

    ~ Laura

  7. YOu are terribly busy, but they all look glorious
    Bridget #54

  8. Lovely butterflies! Thanks for sharing. :)

    WOYWWer #36


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