Sunday, 19 September 2010

Beehive Explosion Box Pt 5

Today I finally managed to complete the inside of the explosion box. I spent a long time cutting out the bees last night (oooh how I could do with a Cricut - the job would have been done in minutes, with no sore hands as a result!!) - after I'd cut out the first lot I realised they were too small, so I had to do some more. I am much happier with the result now. They are outlined with black marker and coloured with coloured pencils.

This afternoon I cut the pieces of acetate and attached the bees - these suspend the bees over the central flower, and when the box explodes, they move, making the bees appear to be flying around. I used this device on my previous explosion box, and I like the effect so much that I think it will probably be a signature feature on all future ones too!

16 Box Interior Complete

As well as making some of the bees fly, I have also stuck some on the flaps of the box, on the honeycomb.

17 Box Interior Complete

This final view is taken from the side, which shows the bees "in flight" above the flower.

18 Box Interior Complete

With the addition of some silk leaves around the flower to cover the base, this completes the inside of the box. I am hoping that when the outside is done, the flaps will not fall completely flat when the box is exploded - I quite like the look of it when they open more like the petals of a flower, because it gives the box more dimension when it is open.

I have several more bees, which are going to be used to decorate the outside of the box. Depending on how it goes, I may have some more on acetate strips, flying around the door, but this may not be practical when the box explodes, so I shall have to experiment.

Still to do: the lid, which will have more woodgrain embossing and distress inking to match the sides; and probably some flowers and grass around the base of the hive, which will help support the flaps as the box explodes. The whole box will be attached to a base which extends out a little from the base of the hive.


  1. OH my goodness, Shoshi - what an elaborate project! I can not imagine undertaking such a thing! It's gorgeous, and oh-so-special!!! I'm glad you're feeling up to crafting again.

  2. That is so incredible. Such creativity, craftsmanship and vision. Amazing.

  3. This is the most creative thing I have seen..I love how you have done every detail of it. You so very creative...and this just shows the patience you have with your art and it certainly pays off. This is just gorgeous.

  4. Shoshi, you have been blessed with such an amazing talent. Hope all is well with your soul. Blessings and prayers. Lloyd

  5. WOW Shoshi, this may of taken you a few days to make but its brilliant! The flying bees are a fabulous idea. An explosive project on many levels, well done you!
    Thanks for the link on dyeing. I knew about mordant, but I'd read that salt works too, so thats how I did it. I will have to look for alum on
    Thanks again, and congrats on a real work of art.

  6. Shoshi this is just way beyond gorgeous... I love how creative and all the detail work you put into it.. I am wowed each time I look at it!


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