Thursday, 26 May 2011

Silver Wedding Celebrations 4/5: Exploring the Hotel

In addition to the health suite, the rest of the lower ground floor, at the further end of the slope into which the hotel is built, consists of a fabulous dining room/ballroom where they have weddings, which has steps up to double doors which lead into a lounge, which reminded me of a gentlemen’s club, with its separate areas and dark, sumptuous look.

Everywhere in the hotel, including in the corridors, there were mirrors and beautiful chandeliers, which made the place sparkle and add spaciousness.

There were also interesting paint effects and textures.

The hotel wasn’t terrifically wheelchair-friendly – my hubby had to drag my wheelchair up and down the few steps up to the dining room each time, but there was a lift up to the bedroom floors, and our room was close by. Everywhere else was accessible; the Brasserie was all on the level, and there was level access to the outside via The Mews, as the main hotel entrance was up a flight of steps to a revolving door.

Here’s a link to the hotel’s website:

On the final morning there was a very strong wind (too strong for my hubby’s kite!) and the surf was up.

We returned home on the 26th May after our last breakfast and some considerable time packing everything up! My hubby had borrowed a trailer from a friend, so all the luggage went in there, giving plenty of room in the back of the car for my mum and dad. We stopped in mid-Devon for our final meal together, a lovely lunch at Bickleigh, and then we drove back to my parents’ house where we had a cup of tea, before we returned home to two excited kitties and back to normal again!!

We’ve had a wonderful mini-break to celebrate our Silver Wedding, staying in a very expensive hotel – not something we can do every year but for such a special occasion it was well worth it; it was an anniversary to remember, and lovely to share it with my elderly parents as well.

For more pictures, see the sub-albums in my Photobucket Album:

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