Wednesday, 14 December 2011

WOYWW 132 - Bag Skirts and Present Wrapping

What? - we are all saying – yet another week gone by? Christmas is now just around the corner. Welcome to another “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday” blog hop courtesy the lovely Julia who organises us each week as our Chief of Desks, so that we can travel around the globe (virtually) to enjoy everyone’s messes and creativity.

Thank you everyone for all your good wishes recently, over my ill health, and over the death of my uncle. The funeral is on Friday, and weather permitting, and my hubby permitting – he says his throat is bad tonight (he had a bad throat recently – the one he was generous enough to share with me, so hopefully he’s not going down with another one…) we shall be travelling up on Thursday (tomorrow) and returning on Saturday. As a result, I doubt if I shall visit many desks this week – when we get back there will be a lot to do. Since I was out of action for over a fortnight with my throat infection, and now having to be away for 3 days, I am seriously behind with everything.

Anyway, to my desk! Here’s a picture of my brown table which is in utter chaos today, with piles of scrapbooking paper and cardstock ready to hand so I could get at it to make my rather exciting project for this week! On the left you can see my big laptop running Make The Cut. My Cricut is out of shot to the left, all  connected up.

On my main desk is a project I completed yesterday evening – a bag skirt.

I’m going to do a separate post about this so I won’t go into any detail here or it will get too long.

I’ve got a bit of a rush on because we need to take the Christmas presents with us when we go to the funeral, to save posting them. In addition to finishing the bag skirt, I have also wrapped all their presents to go in the bag.

I’ll also be blogging about my gift wrapping in due course so won’t say any more here.

One bit of good news – I discovered that my new Black Cat Cougar cutting machine will be coming from Derby, which isn’t very far from where we will be spending the next few days. I contacted the lovely Dawn and she said of course I could collect it in person! I am thrilled because a) I shall get to meet her and b) I shall save myself the fairly hefty carriage and insurance costs (it’s a heavy and valuable parcel). So as long as we actually get there, I shall be returning home with my new Kitty!

Hope you all have a great week. When we get back I’ll try and visit a few of you but I’m afraid I won’t have the time or energy to do too many!


  1. Hope you don't come down with the throat thing again and that your hubby improves enough to go to your uncles funeral. But on a lighter note, enjoy your KITTY! Oh and meeting Dawn!

  2. Great news about your new Kitty - can imagine your excitement. Not a clue what you mean by "bag skirt" but it looks awfully nice as do the presents. My gift wrapping leaves a lot to be desired (and I mean A LOT).
    Take care when you travel tomorrow,will be thinking of you on Friday.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #7 x

  3. Hi there, just popping in to say Hi. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing a snippit of your creative life with us today. Hope you feel better soon and that your new plaything helps to cheer you up!
    Neil #13

  4. Lots going on in your world. Sorry to hear of your Uncle's death. Thanks for sharing and take time to enjoy your family's company.

  5. Love the wrapping on those parcels! No matter hiw hard i try i can never seem to manage to get my wrapping nice. Must keep checking back for some tips.

    Take care and thanks for sharing.

    Jackie x

  6. Hope your journey goes OK and the funeral goes as well as possible.
    Intrigued with the bag skirt, that's a new one on me and looking forward to finding out more (am now 'following' so I don't miss it).
    Ann b

  7. Sorry that it has been such a ba-humbug holiday season for you so far. At least there is a silver lining with the Black Cat Cougar! Hope all goes well, and huppy is up for the trip. -Amanda 29

  8. Gorgeous wrapping there! I often love the wrapping more than the prezzy inside - in fact, seeing all the presents under the tree is one of the best parts of Christmas for me! I always enjoy choosing pretty wrapping paper for my friends too. I shall be back to look at the follow up blog.
    Good luck with all the travelling up to Derby. Hope the weather is kind to you.
    Hugs, LLJ #34 xx

  9. You are the second person I have "spoken" to today who has been taking Christmas presents with them for a funeral visit. I hope it goes okay and that you get some nice family time as well as time to say goodbye.

  10. Poor Hun, condolences on the loss of your Uncle, I missed last week, put my back out AGAIN, and please give hubby a hefty kick from me and tell him to keep his germs to himself until the Christ mass is over with!
    Take care, and do let me know the name of the new kitty when you have him? Is he a lynx or a Cougar?
    Bit late getting on this week due to various disasters, but belated happy WOYWW
    Lou #102

  11. Be safe. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    I was wondering what a bag skirt is.... can't wait to hear about it.

    WOYWW #82

  12. Oh my goodness! You are a tease today! The bag skirt and wrapping are gorgeous. Love all the colors. Try boosting your immune system by drinking an echinacea based tea and echinacea and zinc lozenges help the throat. Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

  13. Just wanted to stop and say I was thinking about you. Looking forward to reading more about the bag skirt!

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your uncle Shoshi. My prayers that the Lord of peace and comfort will be with you and your family. God's blessings to you my friend in Christ. Lloyd

  15. Your gift wrapping is amazing and the bag skirt is gorgeous.
    Have a great christmas, with your new kitty.
    Von #14

  16. Hmm was wondering what a bag skirt is lol.
    Bridget #24

  17. I'm doing a quick drop in on the WOYWW desks to see what you've all been up to this week. Looks like we are all busy busy this week getting ready for the big day.
    Have a great week.
    A x
    ps if you would like to support me I am looking out for votes for my poppy pic. Please pop over to my blog and follow the links if you have a spare minute.

  18. Hope Everything goes well today, It always seems worse at this time of year, when everyone is so cheerful looking forward to Christmas.
    I hope the weather stays Kind until you are home safe
    Enjoy your new kitty, watch the other kitties don't get jealous of your new baby.

  19. Love your wrapping ideas, if you gave me a gift that beautifully wrapped up I wouldn't want to open it! Hope everything goes as well as it can for your family over the coming days. I scrolled down and read your tribute post to your Uncle, what an amazing man to have known.

    Brenda 68

  20. Sorry to hear about your Uncle.
    You have me baffled over the bag skirt. Can't wait for the explanation. Hugs Mrs A.

  21. Oh, a bag skirt! How lovely, and how much pressure you put yourself under! I'm late enough to be wishing that the funeral went as well as it co iPod and that you're safely returned, new toy in hand!!

  22. I love all your beautiful wrapping. I miss that as we don't do presents in the same way now we are out here. Thank you for your comments on the cards I made for my sisters. The quote you liked is a Chocolate Baroque stamp. It is on a big plate of sentiments, but this is the one I use over and over. Of course that doesn't stop you from using it in your own style on your cards. I often copy words from cards I am given, so that I can use them again.
    My silhouette cameo has arrived. It is much larger than the craft robo so I had to try to find more space, but I am really looking forward to getting to grips with it. I have to learn how to use the new software, but I have downloaded a very helpful tutorial booklet. Now my manic two weeks are almost over, I should have some time to play with it, and see what I can do. In hope you also have fun with your new machine when you collect it this week. Kate x


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