Sunday 30 December 2012

Zentangles–My First Pattern: Y-Ful Power

I have just designed my first zentangle pattern! My iPod cover is decorated with an attractive pattern based on a Y shape, and I’ve scratched my head over this, trying to work out how it is generated, but without success.

iPod Cover

This pattern, with variations, crops up quite frequently if you keep your eyes open, and I think it makes an excellent fill. I recently came across this:

which is a somewhat simpler version of the interlocking Y shape, and I thought I might be able to deconstruct it, which I have now done, and I have called it “Y-Ful Power” which is a pun on “Eiffel Tower” and also includes the letter “Y”, being a trefoil design. (I have now edited this step-out, to remove the need to erase any construction grid once the pattern is finished.)

Y-Ful Power Step-Out Ed

Here are some variations on the theme.

Y-Ful Power Variations 72 dpi

I love the three-dimensional nature of this pattern, which is emphasised by the shading. It will be a useful fill, and lends itself well to many variations and opportunities for further embellishment. Enjoy!

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