Wednesday, 8 June 2016

WOYWW 366 Shoshi’s On the Buses

A bit late in the day to be joining WOYWW but I thought I’d pop in, even though I haven’t done any art (again…).

My long-awaited bus pass arrived this week so my hubby took me out for an experimental run today so I’d know where the various stops were, and which buses to catch. That side of things went really well, and it was a lovely sunny day so we didn’t get wet, but getting the buggy on and off the bus was a total nightmare! Most of the buses around here are fully wheelchair accessible with ramps etc. but Betsy, my small buggy (as opposed to Bertha, the big one – and there’s no way she’d get on the bus!) was very difficult to manoeuvre around and I kept jamming her handlebars against the grab rails in the bus. I think we probably delayed the whole of Torquay’s bus service with our shunting back and forth but everyone (passengers and drivers!) were very patient with us! Next time I’m definitely going with the wheelchair which is a lot more manoeuvrable in a small space, and never again will I attempt to get a buggy on the bus!!

I have enrolled on a course being run at the Lodge, the cancer support centre in the hospital grounds, called “Moving On from Cancer” which I heard about last week when I went for the relaxation session. It will run on 5 successive Tuesdays. It starts next Tuesday and I’m going on the bus!! Freeeedom! (My hubby has started moaning about all the lifts I keep wanting, because it’s stopping him doing what he wants to do! He never moaned last year when I was ill, but now I’m well, I’m proving a bit of a nuisance lol!)

At the weekend a man called round who knew my hubby. His father had recently died and they were clearing out his house, and he had absolutely tons of art books and materials and he brought them round for us to go through! There is no way we can keep, or need, all of it, but we both made our selections.

So this is what is on my desk this week for WOYWW!

07 Montage

I won’t go through it all now or it will take too long but I am going to do a separate post about all this stuff.

Today my birthday present from my hubby arrived!

Infusions Paints 8-6-16

These Infusions paints are just out and I’ve been waiting for them for ages, trying to source them, and then when I did order them, they took a while to come. They are here now and I’m looking forward to trying them. They work on the same principle as Brushos but the colours are more muted and subtle.

Last week I was browsing Amazon (biiiig mistake!) and I found the book which has come out following the recent TV series here in the UK, “Bake Off Crème de la Crème” – previous Bake Offs have involved amateur cooks, but for the first time they assembled teams of professional pastry chefs to compete against one another. We were absolutely riveted by the series and I really wanted to learn how to do some of the stuff but of course, being a competition, they didn’t give out recipes and they rushed through everything to get each session done in the hour. So I was delighted to get the book! This is going to take my baking to a whole new level. I just need to get a few odds and ends from Ebay (I ordered some stuff last night) and I’ll be away.

07 Montage

Again, I’ll be doing a separate post about this.

Health Update

I saw my oncologist last Thurs. and she’s very pleased with me – my cancer markers are well down into the normal range, and my liver and kidney function have crept up to normal again, as has my haemoglobin. No wonder I’m feeling so much better! They want me to have another CT scan at the end of this year and I’ve got another oncology appointment in November.

Now all I want is some time to get in the studio, and some energy to go with it!

Happy WOYWW everybody, and isn’t it great news that Julia has come through her surgery OK and is recovering at home. Thank you Jan for holding the fort in her absence!


  1. There you go, Shoshi, I've linked you up at 51 ish. Sorry about the lack of Linky, only three of you today, just don't understand. Hey ho. Zsuzsa (InkyDinkyDoodle) has some info about clearing cookies and caches with a link. Might be worth a look see?
    Wow, look at all that lovely stash - how kind of the gent to give it to you...but then, I suppose it's better to be used than just thrown. And I'm impressed by you ordering the baking book - we expect to see impressive results in future weeks, lol!!
    HUgs, LLJ xxxx

  2. Hi Shoshi, pleased you enjoyed your bus ride. The Infusions look great. I was watching them being demonstrated at the Doncaster Dome on Sunday, Paper Artsy were there and Leandra was using them. It's a great show. Have a lovely woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 26

  3. Oh my goodness, what a lot of Art Treasures!!!
    That book looks DEADLY(good)!!

  4. Great news from the doctor!

    What a lovely lot of art supplies. Hopefully your mojo will come back and you'll be able to find time to play with them. Good for you for trying the buses. It will get easier and people - for the most part - are pretty patient and helpful. It's great to have a good bus service. I miss it. We have an almost non-existent bus service here and without a car (me being nice Mum loaned 2 cars to 2 kids leaving me without one!)it's difficult getting around.

    I hope the support group helps.

    Take Care
    Sharon K #4

  5. wow, what a week - enjoy the freedom your bus pass gives you! Enjoy the baking - I loved Creme de la Creme and am pleased they're doing another series. I wouldn't dream of trying to create anything they did though! What a wonderful haul of treasure from your hubby's friend. Enjoy. Helen #18

  6. Oooo Look at all those lovely arty bits! He didn't have any polychromo pencils hidden away in there did he?

    Glad your bus pass is through. I won't upset N by saying you could have got one ages ago through having your blue badge. I've got one. Glad the buses are accessible now. When we moved in 2006 I enquired when the one for Barton Road would be accessible - the answer 2015ish! Helpful! The nearest accessible one was at the hospital.

    Really glad your appointment went well &your oncologist is happy

  7. My Infusions arrived yesterday too - what a coincidence! I am hoping they are more subtle than Brusho's, which I love but find them quite vivid. I am hoping to have a good play with them this week, and I hope you get the chance to as well, if life doesn't get in the way! How lovely for you getting all that fab stash, it's so nice you can give it a new home. I bet you won't know what to try out first when you finally get into your Art Haven!
    Thank you so much for you lovely comments on my blog - you are so kind, and no I don't usually frame my work unless I'm doing a craft fair. And to be honest the memory of how boring or what a failure the previous fair was has to have faded significantly before I do the next one - so they are few and far between!
    I hope you get time to try out lots of yummy recipes from your new book - it looks deliciously calorific - I think it needs to go on my wish list and then onto my 'fiction shelf' as my hubby calls my cookery book shelf (I don't cook much!).
    Have a lovely week,
    Diana x

  8. So glad to know that you are doing well, Shoshi! And it's great that your buses are wheelchair accessible.
    Wow! Lots of goodies on your desk today. I would be thrilled to inherit all that wonderful art stuff! And your hubby knows how to give a gift! Sometimes I wonder who will inherit MY stuff!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS@8

  9. So glad to hear that you are on the mend. Your escapades on the bus made me smile, but it must be so frustrating for you. I admire your attitude about it so much.
    What luck to be gifted all those art materials! Those new paints sound very interesting. As soon as I finish commenting on the last few WOYWWers I am off to go and have a look.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #46

  10. What a gorgeous art supplies! Lots of deliciousness in that picture. :) I hope your bus rides are fun and enjoyable. I don't drive and ride the bus. I actually love it. I meet the nicest people. Don't ever worry, passengers are very patient with strollers & wheelchairs. If there ever is a grump well that is his/her problem and no way a reflection of the rest of us. Lots of times in my area we all give a helping hand. Can't wait to hear about your bus adventures. The baking show sounds so interesting. That is something my husband & I would love. I was reading one of my celebrity blogs today and I heard about a show called Guitar Artist. You can only see it in the UK. It sounds so interesting. I bet the reality TV there is better than it is here in the States.

    1. Thank you Aiyana for your lovely comment. I made another bus trip yesterday with the wheelchair instead of the buggy and it was much better - no problems at all. My hubby was so proud of me taking myself off on my own! I had some nice retail therapy.


  11. Wow, what a stash! It's sad that the gentleman cannot use it any more - I always find it rather poignant when people die and leave their stuff behind. Hope you create something wonderful with those, Shoshi. I would be thinking "what would he have created, if he'd had the time?" The Fusions look great - I'd better not look them up, otherwise I'd want them! I haven't even used by Brushos much. Great cook books - looking forward to seeing some more yummies on your blog! Have a lovely weekend! Hope you'll have the energy to create something.

  12. You must be pleased with your new crafty stash, even though it must feel a little 'Bitter Sweet.' It's such a shame that the gentleman never got to use all the craft items but I'm sure that you will put them to good use and make his Son proud. It's good to hear that you're doing well and that your health has improved and long may it continue. I've got myself some brushos this week and I'm really looking forward to having a play with them when I get chance. Wishing you a happy weekend. Crafty hugs, Sandra X

  13. Dar Shoshi, what a lovely, lovely post! And because I am so late in visiting I have had the added pleasure in seeing your brand new Tea Set blog post and all those beautiful, brightly colored photographs of your pieces that went on and on... swoon, it was like visiting a Christmas shop... Smile. And then I went on to your WOYWW post and have been enthralled, reading all about your adventures, enjoying every word as I am coming to "know" you, but then, like the cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the chocolate sundae... I arrived at the photo of all those amazing ART SUPPLIES and then the photos from that awesome pastry cook book... I am still swooning! YOu have managed to hit almost every single one of my happy places! (all that's missing a snap of your garden... GRIN)... Happy WOYWW and please do pop on over for a visit one day... I am sooo looling forward to getting to visiting you often! Scrapbooking Artist Lynne #45

  14. I see more baking in your future! LOL Glad to hear you are doing so well, kiddo. Creative Blessings! Kelly #37


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