Friday, 28 July 2017

Visit to Lytes Carey

Yesterday was the Big Day when we went up to fetch our new kittens. As we did when we went to view them a few weeks ago, we made it a day out, and as before, we visited a National Trust house, this time the delightful little Tudor manor house Lytes Carey, very much smaller than Barrington Court, and very intimate, and one could imagine living there! This house was furnished, with a variety of furniture and artefacts from various periods of history.

We had lunch at the Podymore Inn in the village of Podimore (Podymore is the old spelling) – a delicious meal – we both had one of their speciality pies. We also had a starter, and I had a pudding as well – really pushing the boat out on our day out! (Extra diet days to follow this week!)

Here are the pictures of Lytes Carey.

01 Arches

02 The House

03 Archway

04 Main Entrance

05 Avenue of Topiary

06 Passageway with Firewood

There is a quite beautiful little chapel.

07 Entering the Chapel

08 Chapel Altar and Window

09 Chapel Roof Frieze

10 Chapel Roof Frieze

11 Chapel Door

12 Chapel Candlestick

13 Rear of Chapel

One of two framed Latin manuscripts in the chapel. I thought the script was very beautiful.

14 Latin Manuscript in Chapel

Moving in to the house proper, this is the Great Hall.

15 Great Hall Roof

16 Great Hall

18 Great Hall Roof Detail

19 Great Hall Minstrels' Gallery

An inner courtyard.

20 Courtyard

The drawing room.

21 Fireplace

22 Cabinet in Drawing Room

Spiral staircase leading to the upper floor – my hubby went up but I wasn’t able to get up there, so I looked at the album of photos of the upstairs rooms, where there are four-poster beds and beautiful plaster ceilings.

23 Spiral Staircase

Some beautiful antiques.

24 Display Alcove

25 Lantern Clock

26 Writing Desk

An ancient herbal.

27 Lyte's Herbal

28 Carved Chair

A pretty hydrangea just coming out, beside the front door.

29 Hydrangea

We were told to look out for the topiary of the peacock with the Mohican!

30 Peacock with Mohican

The place didn’t stay open very late, so we had tea outside the tea room (it was packed as a great party of people had arrived) and I ate a huge slice of cake! After this I felt absolutely stuffed and didn’t eat for the rest of the day!

We had a bit of time to spare after this, and had a look in the shop, and then made our leisurely way over to pick up the kittens.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day Shoshi. Love the interiors of this historic building!

  2. Another place for our wish list! You know, I'm not sure I would have been able to take all this in - I would have been too excited to see the kittens!


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