Sunday, 30 January 2011

More from Beatrice the Computer Queen

She’s been at it again… The other day I came in to find that she had set up her own user account on my Windows 7 laptop:

Beatrice's Typing 5 Logging On

(This picture isn’t terribly good quality I’m afraid, because before actually logging onto Windows, I couldn’t get the “prt scr” (print screen) function to work so I couldn’t do a screen grab, and I had to photograph my computer screen instead.)

You can see that she has tried to switch user from my account to hers, and she’s typed in her password. This is quite a long password, and until today, I couldn’t imagine what it was. I posted about it on the Brainfog (M.E.) forum today, and one of our members said, “I've just hacked into Beatrice's account. (The password is 'miaooooooooooooooooooooooow', by the way.) There wasn't much there, just some dodgy pics of mice.”

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Nice one.

Talking of hacking, I am very concerned that she’s going to hack into my Paypal account and start running up huge bills on Ebay, ordering all sorts of things that will start turning up on the doorstep. (I wonder what she would order?)

Alternatively, she might start booking expensive foreign holidays for herself and Phoebe, all at my expense. Of course, she might limit this to the odd visit to London to go and look at the Queen, but nevertheless, perhaps I need to install better security measures.

A few days ago she had another go, this time on my big Vista laptop. This time she decided to do some file sharing. Now this is something I have not done, and don’t really know much about – I have a NAS drive (Network Attached Storage) – a large capacity external hard drive on the internal network in the house, and I use this to share my files between my computers. This is what she did:

Beatrice's Typing 6 File Sharing

You will note that she has called herself “User i” but this has not been recognised.
Other people tell me that they don’t know about file sharing either, and that perhaps Beatrice can teach them. I know she is intending to set up a Computer Academy for Kitties online, but I think perhaps she needs to permit human applicants to join her classes, too, as she’s obviously got a lot to teach us all.
My hubby says the only reason she goes on the laptops is because they are warm, and we know what a warmth worshipper she is. However, if she was just going on there to warm her cold paws, how come she does such clever stuff? It’s beyond coincidence. She’s obviously a lot cleverer than he will give her credit for. He still doesn’t believe me when I say that that kitty understands every word you say. You can tell she does, because she answers “yes” but not “no” to certain questions! If you ask her if she’s the most beautiful kitty in the world, she answers “yes,” but if you ask her if Phoebe is the most beautiful kitty, she won’t answer.

I mentioned on the Brainfog forum that if she does all this clever computer stuff just by sitting on the computer, maybe if we sat on our computers we could do clever stuff too. One member said that she didn’t know what her computer would do if she sat on it, but it probably wouldn’t ever work again!!!

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  1. Oh my Gosh! She is so clever (and clearly she got it from her Mom!) ;o) This is such fun. ROFL kind of fun. I love that she has her own account. heehee. I swear my Mouse cat answers yes or no too & when Charles tells her she has a fat tummy she gets MAD and gives him a very dirty look. (I would too, but he's a wiser man with me, LOL) ;o) Happy Weekend, mel


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