Monday, 17 October 2011

Altered Boxes–Part 2

As I was doing the post about the village harvest exhibition, I realised I hadn’t posted the photos I took of the boxes I made for the show.

I ended up making 8, in different sizes, and decided to put poinsettias and Christmas roses on them, hoping they’d be bought by people for Christmas presents – I only ended up selling one!

Thanks to Penny Duncan, as always, for her excellent cut files and flower designs. I was hoping she’d done a Christmas rose one since I last looked, and sure enough, she had! It’s a beautiful design. She uses little gold beads to embellish the centres, but I preferred to use yellow Flowersoft.

On her blog (see my blog list in my sidebar) in her tutorial for these, she shows how beautifully her Lynx cutter cut the centres of the flowers, which are extremely fine. I had absolutely no joy with the Cricut which is just not accurate enough. I made several attempts and each time it didn’t cut them correctly, so I had to print out the pdf file and then cut them out by hand – very laborious! Makes me want a decent cutting machine more and more…

I used her original poinsettia design (“3D Poinsettia”) because I prefer it to her later one.

Here are the boxes laid out with the strips of scrapbooking paper I cut to cover the sides, with their respective flowers laid on top, ready for assembly.

Three poinsettia boxes:

Details of the flowers on top:

For the centres, I added little spots of yellow Stickles.

The lids of the boxes had very pale green fluid acrylic paint added with a dampened natural sponge on top of the cream emulsion that I painted all the boxes with. I started with a very pale green shade, and then went over it twice more, each time slightly darker, so that the sponged effect had a dimensional look.

Three heart-shaped boxes with Christmas roses:

and a detail of the lid of one of them – this picture shows the sponged effect a bit better, and also shows the red leaf trail I used in this case.

I also made an oval and a round one with Christmas roses.

As you can see, I embellished the sides of the lids with ribbons, and used my bow-shaper tool to make the bows, which were adhered with hot glue.


  1. All that work and such beautiful boxes; I can't believe you only sold one. Maybe you will find another charity table-top sale or something before Christmas and can sell a few more. They are so lovely. I am going to look at your friend's site to see whether I can cut her flowers with my craft-robo. It is a lot more 'flexible' than cricut. I'll let you know how I get on. Kate xx

  2. These are beautiful! You should open an etsy shop!

  3. The Boxes are absolutely beautiful and so our your pointsettas i must go check them out.Sorry to hear your suffering i too still am but hey ho tomorrows another day.
    Take care thanks for the kind words on my blog
    hugs judex

  4. Just been looking at all your Harvest photos, the Churches look beautiful, As did your Craft items up for sale.
    Shoshi I would of thought you would of sold the lot in a flash, they are all stunning pieces of work.
    No accounting for peoples taste, Or maybe they are just holding their purse strings tighter with the way things are today.
    Sorry it did not go as well as planned, but keep them for a spring fair

  5. Good luck with the on line thing. I have opened an etsy account, but not listed anything yet.

  6. Thought I'd drop by to let you know that you are continually in my prayers. God has given you the gift of creativity and it shows in all you do. God bless, Lloyd

  7. These are absolutely beautiful. What talent!


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