Thursday, 6 May 2010

Our Kent Holiday–Day 11: Our Return Home

Today we returned home. We set off in reasonable time and made good progress. We stopped in the village of Wylie in Wiltshire for a pub lunch. This village is absolutely exquisite, and I managed to take quite a few pictures. All the houses and cottages are full of character, and many are made of stone and flint in a chequer-board pattern.

05 White House with Wisteria

07 Chequerboard Flint House

You can see on the end of this cottage the very pretty chequer-board design in the stone. This is a close-up of it:

08 Chequerboard Flint Detail

(I love photographing things like this!)

09 Timber-Framed House

This is the view out of the church door. I love the house opposite - that chequer-board pattern again:

16 View from Church Door 

There was more chequer-board stonework on the outside of the church:

19 Church Wall Flint Chequerboard Detail

This is some lichen growing on a tombstone, which makes such gorgeous swirling patterns and such subtle colours:

20 Gravestone Lichen Detail

Finally, there was a lady in the church doing the flowers, and she recommended that we took a little detour before getting back on the main road, and to drive up the hill out of the village where there was a beautiful bluebell wood:

22 Wiltshire Bluebell Wood

We arrived home in the early evening to a rapturous welcome from two kitties who must have given us up for lost after 10 days of no spoiling, no treats, and no cuddles!

What a wonderful holiday we have had. With so much beauty on our doorsteps, why does anyone need to go abroad for their holidays? I am so grateful that we live in such a beautiful country, with so much variety close at hand and easily accessed. Thank you to everyone we encountered on our holiday who made it so special for us - workers and volunteers in all the venues we visited, and especially to our bed and breakfast hosts who provided us with the Full English fuel needed to sustain us throughout the day - including a perfect fried egg every morning! Who could ask for more?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed it.

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