Saturday, 22 May 2010

Views from Shoshi's Settee - Still Trying to Change Template!

A better day health-wise today and I was able to finish last week's ironing before I got swamped with another lot! I also did the monthly accounts and transferred some money into my hubby's account - long overdue - should have been done at the beginning of the month! However, being away on holiday and then being so poorly, I couldn't get my head round anything quite so complicated until the fog lifted a bit.

Renee has sent me lots of links to pretty up my blog but so far I can't make it work. I've got the idea how to put them in, but they don't suit the layout I need in order to prevent the sides of my photos being cut off. There seem to be masses of 3-column layouts, but not so many 2-column ones, and very few stretched ones. So I'm sticking with "plain" till I can get something sorted! Renee has been so kind helping me. Thanks Renee!!

Here's another of my Dawlish pics that I took on that day in January.

Dawlish Jetty 2

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