Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Our Kent Holiday–Day 9: Godstone Farm, Surrey

It was soooo great to meet up with my online friends at last! We had the whole afternoon together after a lovely pub lunch. We went to Godstone Farm in Surrey, a convenient meeting place for all concerned. It is a children's farm where there are lots of animals, and at this time of year, lots of baby animals too, so Nilly and I were in our element!

My hubby took this splendid picture of a turkey showing off before his lady folk:

04a Turkey Cock with Tail Fanned Out - N

Isn't his tail magnificent? A perfect fan, and I love that black bar that decorates its edge. Unfortunately his ladies took about as much notice of him as that peehen did of her magnificent hubby at Leeds Castle the other day! (Are these male birds missing the point somehow???)
There was a very pretty decoration all along the wall of an outbuilding, made of cut out wooden shapes. Here's my hubby beside it:

06 Nicholas by Sunflower Frieze 

This gorgeous black duck was very tame, and came right up to my feet and obliged me by standing still long enough to be photographed:

33 Black Duck

I just loved these two baby bunnies:

14 Baby Rabbits

and the guinea pigs:

38 Guinea Pig

My hubby took this one of us three foggers having a cup of tea, but unfortunately it's not very good of me - I am looking awfully superior, just how I imagine pawsh Mrs. Tom Tom tries to look - i.e. down her nose!

55a Me with Nilly and Ian at Tea - N

This is a smashing one he took of the 3 of us outside:

55b Me with Nilly and Ian - N

We had such fun, and I'm soooo glad it all worked out - thanks to E for arranging it. I'm so thrilled! What a lovely day!

Got payback now, though... I crashed out fast asleep in the car on the way back and have got painful legs, esp. the left one, and can't get comfortable. Feeling pretty rough actually, but hopefully will stay the course for our last day tomorrow! My hubby is now asleep so I can't ask him to remind me where we're going - it's a small Tudor castle somewhere near Dover, where the Wardens of the Cinque Ports lived - Churchill was one, and W.H. Smith, and the Queen Mother.

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