Thursday, 20 May 2010

Views from Shoshi's Settee - Giving Thanks

I've done another Polyvore picture today - "The Opera Goer," which you can find at the bottom of the Polyvore post. Some more glamour! These are lovely to create when energy levels are low, but the creative juices are running high!

My hubby came home this evening after a few days away and I gave him his card (hand-made cards post) - he loves it. What a relief! It took me days to make!

God is good. He has given me so many gifts for which to be thankful. A husband of nearly 24 years' marriage, who loves and cares for me. Two beautiful kitties and a lovely home and garden. Parents who are fit and well and extremely independent, despite being in their late 80s. A nice, friendly village community. One of the most beautiful areas of countryside in which to live. Friends near and far - some of whom I've never met, being Internet friends. My creativity, computer skills and an eye for beauty, which all give me joy. All the technology at my fingertips which add pleasure and enrichment to my life. Appreciation of science, music and art. The time to enjoy all these things because of my enforced immobility. Above all, my salvation and my relationship with the Lord Jesus.


  1. Gosh where you live sounds lovely. And you have a happy marriage and live close to your nice. I see that you see, everything with love straight from your heart. God bless you.


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