Monday, 24 May 2010

Take Me to Your Leader!

Quite a busy day as I had to take my hubby to the hospital today - he suffers from sleep apnoea and needed to take his temporary CPAP machine back and get a new one. He's been using it for a week and they were able to take the information stored on its computer chip and they say he's doing really well. He's now got the new one, which incorporates a water tank which will deliver the pressurised air warmed and moistened, so he doesn't get so dry. Isn't technology wonderful? He hasn't snored for a week! He's still quite sleepy during the day and is not allowed to drive until that improves.

A while back I got some "benders" - hair curlers that you twist together in your hair - and my hubby said I looked like Medusa, the character from Greek mythology who had snakes for hair, and who turned you to stone if you looked at her! Charming... I told my friends on the Brainfog forum about this and they were very amused, and asked that I post a photo of the 2 of us in our new night attire - here it is! (If you're frightened of being turned to stone, look away now.)

Nicholas and Me with Frightening Night Attire

Ha ha ha!!! (Someone said, "And they say romance is dead...") It's our 24th wedding anniversary today and despite our somewhat unorthodox appearance, we're still together lol!


  1. rofl Ok thats a priceless photo lol
    Take me to your leader bahahaha

  2. rofl Happy Anniversary

  3. Thanks Renee!

    Ha ha ha!!! Someone on the Brainfog forum said they hadn't seen that episode of Star Trek yet lol!

  4. rofl Good one


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