Thursday, 20 January 2011

Beatrice – The Most Computer-Literate Kitty in the World

Mel, of Mel Stampz blog which I follow:

has just posted about her clever kitty Mouse, who reads ever-such-intellectual books, and it reminded me that I haven’t yet blogged about our kitty Beatrice. I have shared about Beatrice on various forums, but it is perhaps time that she had wider Web exposure as the most computer-literate kitty in the world. She exceeds my hubby in computer skills, and she is completely self-taught.

Beatrice is a grey tabby whose fur is quite silvery underneath, so she is a genuine silver surfer. She is now 10 years old and is the most nosey kitty I have ever known – she has to know everything that is going on, which is probably why she wants to get online and share her personality with the whole world. Whenever we have visitors, she is right there, desperate to be the centre of attention, and even non-cat people (yes, such people do exist, hard though it is to believe) say that they like, and even love, Beatrice. She is ultra-friendly, and very chatty – she has something to say on every subject.

Here she is sitting on my hubby’s old laptop. I had this picture made into a mouse mat for my hubby’s birthday a couple of years ago.

Beatrice on Laptop 16-12-04

I always say she spends far too much time on the computer.
This is her first word document.

Beatrice's Typing 1

The last part of this message in her special language is obviously very important, because she’s highlighted it.

Her next effort involved adding some amendments to some work my hubby was doing for his Romanian charity. She always supports everything he does, because in her eyes, he can do no wrong. Those two are joined at the heart, and if I want to get anywhere near him, I usually have to prise her off him! This is what I mean:

Beatrice Special Cuddle 2 12-12-09

However, I digress… Back to what I was saying. He had managed to type the first page:

Beatrice's Typing 2a

and then he was called away. When he came back, he found that she had added several more pages:

Beatrice's Typing 2b

Beatrice's Typing 2c

Beatrice's Typing 2d

Beatrice's Typing 2e

The work he does is very important, and she obviously decided it needed her extra input, which I am sure made a huge difference to the cause. She has a generous, giving heart.

Here is another example of Beatrice helping my hubby with his work. She didn’t like the title of this document, so she typed her own additions, and then decided to check the spelling and grammar:

Beatrice's Typing 3 - Spelling and Grammar

However, he came back before she was able to make sure she’d spelled everything OK.

Unfortunately I haven’t got a screen grab of the time she surfed the net on my laptop – she had typed an interesting web address and a message had appeared: “Web address not found…” Ah well, she did her best.

Just after Christmas I decided to play a CD I’d been given as a Christmas present, so I put it in the CD drive of my laptop and was listening to it. I went out of the room to answer the door or something, and put it on “pause” so I wouldn’t miss any, and when I came back I could hear the music playing. She was sitting there and had pressed the “play” button again because she was obviously enjoying the music.

She is thinking of setting up a Computing Academy for Kitties with online tutorials.

Her sister Phoebe is not at all computer literate, and she can’t read, either; she likes to spend her time relaxing, sitting on top of me and squashing my feet when I’m on the recliner, sleeping, eating, a bit of hunting, and when she can be bothered, playing. Did I mention eating? She is very fat and heavy.

Just so that she doesn’t feel left out, here is a picture of her asleep in one of her favourite places – on the bird table!

Phoebe Asleep on the Bird Table 31 Jul 09

Hope you have enjoyed reading how clever our little Computer Queen is.


  1. I came from Mel's blog to read about your super talented kitty! You and she, and Mouse and Beatrice, have given me a wonderful start to my morning!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I came from Mel's blog too, love it! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great day :)

  3. So funny Shoshi, Lovely Cats, I have a soft spot for tabbies, my daughter has a ginger tom Called Andrew and a silver tabby very like your called William.
    I am very allergic to them so I don't go to close any more, and the little one William always comes for a cuddle around my feet and I have to say sorry, no cuddles from me, i would end up with a runny nose and worse case my eyes look like I have done a round in a boxing ring, all puffy and watering, it is getting worse as I get older.
    when we first got married I had two cats, and had no allergic problems, but these days they are a NO NO.
    I would so love to give them a cuddle, so its not that im not a cat person, .
    your are so cute

  4. Oh my goodness! This is TOO amazing for words. Beatrice is so gorgeous and her sister, Phoebe, too. What lovely photos. I just can't believe that she not only typed but highlighted! Genius! And it was too sweet how she added kisses "XXXXXX" at the bottom of your husband's charity work document. What a clever silver surfer. heeheeheee. Thank you SO much for sharing your clever cat, Shoshi. I can't wait to tell mouse that she can learn from Beatrice's online tutorials. teehee

  5. Too funny! I had to show my husband the picture of her, and he (and I) wondered how you got a picture of our cat, Lexi! Our cat doesn't use the computer, though:)

  6. Oh I seriously need a cuddle with that one! Does she do professional hugs?? ;-) xx

  7. She IS a clever girl, isn't she!! Cindy - she hugs extremely professionally, and the only payment she requires is to be the centre of attention at all times!

  8. What can I say Im sure Ive read about Mouse the reading cat but love hearing about Beatrice and Phoebe.
    Amber my cat really doesnt come up to scratch...
    If im on a chat she tends to sit on the mouse and turfs me out leaving me to sign back in with the excuse cat on mouse.
    I think her best technical moment was when I bought a lovely new tv. I had already returned one so was very unhappy that the new one seemed to have sound problems. It just kept getting louder and louder....... then I noticed Amber sat on the remote. Now I have to hide the remote if I record anything when Im in bed as Amber changes chanels for me which is most annoying lol

  9. Oh My Shoshi, I have laughed until I cried over this one- I can see lots of love and laughter in your household with this amazing cat! I can also see you HAVING to lock your keyboards to keep her from telling your secrets! Be happy knowing she has her own language and us humans do not know it!! *Hugs* Alicia

  10. I never thought of her telling all my secrets!!! She chats on about anything and everything, so who knows? The thing I'm most worried about is that she'll get my credit card details and learn how to use Ebay...

  11. shoshi it would be a fantastic excuse for you to give to your hubby, when all those crafting goodies just fell through your door!!

  12. Ha ha ha Karen!!! Never thought of that!! My hubby often blames her for things...


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