Thursday, 26 May 2011

Silver Wedding Celebrations 1/5: Arriving at our Hotel

We’ve just got back from a short break to celebrate our Silver Wedding on 24th May. We picked up my parents and drove up to Woolacombe on the North coast of Devon. One tends to forget just how big Devon is until one travels from south to north! We arrived at our hotel at about tea time and my poor hubby then had to get all my clobber up to the room – my dad helped, but there was masses! I always say that going away with a disabled person is as bad as going away with a baby, the amount of stuff you need!

1 Hotel from Main Entrance

2 Hotel from Car Park

Our room had one of these balconies:

4 Hotel Balconies

Coming in through the main entrance (I had to come in the side with the wheelchair – Tradesmen’s Entrance for Shoshi!!) we saw our first magnificent chandelier.

1 Front Entrance

The reception desk is under a wide arch, beside which is a gorgeous antique long-case clock with a painted dial and inlaid wooden case.

2 Front Desk

When we’d got everything in, we sat and had a cup of tea in our room, which had plenty of space, and was very bright with its large window opening onto the balcony.

1 Our Room - Having Tea on Arrival

2 Our Room - Large Mirror and Wardrobe

4 Our Room - Window and Dressing Table

The bathroom was ultra-modern with a lovely comfortable bath (although I did miss Boris, my bath lift, and struggled a bit to get out!!) and both the bathroom and bedroom had the large mirrors that featured everywhere in the hotel.

6 Our Room - Bathroom - Basin and Bath

7 Our Room - Bathroom - Basin and Mirror

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