Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I’ve decided to sign up for the “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday” blog hop. I haven’t taken part in a blog hop before and don’t really know much about it, and have seen the “WOYWW” acronym everywhere and have wondered vaguely what it was all about for some time now. Today there’s an explanation of it all here so having read it, I thought it would be fun to join in!

Basically it’s an opportunity to share on blogland what you are doing each Wednesday. People photograph their workdesk “as is” – it doesn’t matter if it’s a mess (quite normal, I’d say!!) and it’s a lovely opportunity to follow new blogs, make new friends, see what everyone’s up to.

Here’s my workdesk today. I’m really thrilled. My new printer arrived this morning, and as you can see, it’s still got all its sticky tape all over it as I’m in the process of unpacking it.

WOYWW 111 General View 20-7-11

Also on my desk is the butterfly I’m working on. This is probably going on our nephew’s wedding present – a shadow box like the one I made for my hubby for our Silver Wedding – I got the idea from a brilliant set of Youtube videos on making fairy wings (I have to say up front that I’m not a big fan of fairies and all that stuff, but the technique can be adapted for gorgeous butterflies).

WOYWW 111 Work in Progress 10-7-11

I’ll be doing a post about the butterfly – this is a first attempt and I think the wire may be too thick for the size of the butterfly, but we shall see. Watch this space…

Have a great Wednesday, everybody.


  1. hi Shoshi
    I love WOYWW, its great to see other crafting spaces, the messier the better, not done one for awhile

  2. Great to see what you are up to!

  3. Hi Shoshi. Love your work desk and looks like you've got lots to do. Have fun with your new printer. Happy WOYWW!

  4. Welcome to WOYWW! I try to put some sort of explanation about how to do it each week, but I like to keep it really simple too - it's not meant to be scarey or something that requires commitment to, I can't face that! Your desk is very organised and tidy considering you have a work in progress...I totally get what you mean - I'm not into fairies particularly, but a good technique can be employed in so many other ways.

  5. Hi there Shoshi, loving the space, great to have new tools too and welcome to WOYWW, sorry am running late this week again! thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW.! Shaz in Oz.x


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