Friday, 21 October 2011

Shoshi’s Artpourings–My New Etsy Store!

After not selling much at the recent exhibition, for which I’d worked really hard to produce quite a few items, I decided I’d select a few items for Christmas presents and then upload the rest to a shop on Etsy.

I’ve often been envious of people who were able to produce enough to sell! This year has been so productive for me, and since the middle of the year I’ve been able to do more stuff for my own satisfaction, after a lot of special birthdays etc. etc. in the earlier part of the year.

When the time drew near to open the shop, I got increasingly nervous – what if I wasn’t able to do it properly and got myself into trouble? Then I reassured myself that loads of people do it every day, and I’m sure they’re not all expert business people, but primarily creative artists who just want a bit more exposure for their work, and the opportunity to sell to a world-wide audience. So – I took the plunge, and “Click!” my first item was on view!! Phew!

Now I’m really excited, and hoping lots of people will visit my shop and hopefully buy my work.

I spent a long time mulling over a suitable name. I wanted my name in it, but wasn’t sure I wanted to call it “Shoshi’s ARTHaven” because that’s my studio where I create the stuff, not the gallery where I want to sell it. I wanted a name that somehow conjured up an image of how my creativity works. It begins in my heart and bubbles up to my brain where the ideas start to gel, and then pours out through my hands, as if I am a vessel pouring water which I hope will bless and refresh people, and give them joy and delight – an outpouring of something unique and personal, from within – an Artpouring!

I have put a slideshow in my sidebar of the items I’ve put in my Etsy store, with a link to take you there (or you can click on the picture at the top of this post). I do hope you’ll pop over and have a look, and let me know what you think!


  1. Good luck with your shop, I opened an account but have not put anything up for sale yet, I need to do a bit more research on the postage costs... You go girl, you are one step ahead of me!

  2. I think your work is beautiful and I really wish you well for your shop. Kate x

  3. hahahaha thanks for your comments about my snowy back ground yes that is my dream to have white christmas, although I did have it one day when I went up to Michigan USA, and it snowed right on cue on Christmas day. So to have a snowy blog is as close as I will get to a white christmas. Yes granny is a strong woman, survived her husband for over 50 years

  4. Congrats on taking the plunge! x

  5. Good luck with the new etsy store, I think the name is great, hope you sell out fast

  6. Cool Etsy shop with fabulous projects! I wish you much success!!

  7. Good Luck Shoshi, I hope you get lots of sales. You definitely deserve it with all the lovely items you make.

    Love Mandy xxx

  8. I've added you to my circle, ooh-la-la! xxx


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