Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I know we all say it, but goodness, where has the last week gone? thank you, Julia, for organising us once again for our weekly Nosey Session to see what’s on our desks midweek – if anyone doesn’t know what this is all about, click on the WOYWW logo in my sidebar and hop over to Julia’s for a look.

In between some pretty rough days health wise this week, I’ve been pretty busy, but managed to have a few sessions in my ARTHaven, continuing to work on the set of birthday cards I’m making for my mum for Christmas. I’ve decided to make a whole lot, to fill up my card stash so I can relax next year and concentrate on doing the sort of art I “want” to do, and less of what I “have” to do!

On my main work table this week, here are the Cuttlebug-embossed Core’dinations sheets I’ve done over the past couple of days for further cards, distressed round the edges and some matted ready for making up. I have used a range called “Whitewash” on the left and “Gemstones” on the right. The latter do not sand particularly well so I didn’t bother – the core is so similar in colour to the surface, which just has an iridescent sheen on it. The Whitewash ones, however, work beautifully, and I particularly like the script embossing done this way.

At the back of the table are some more that I did on black Core’dinations card which has an orange core. After embossing them (the 2 on the left are Cuttlebug “Ornamental Iron” and the one on the right is a Tim Holtz Texture Fades folder with a wood grain effect) I sanded them, and then added some embossing powders, the one on the right with a little clear embossing powder around the edges, and the other two with some bronze and gold mixed, around the edges, and then some black Distress Embossing Powder, to give them a grungey blackened effect. I thought I might make these up into more “man” type cards but not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.

On the left, at the back, you can just see the corner of my new art doll faces mould that I bought on Ebay this week. Jo of Jozart (thanks Jo!) inspired me with her gorgeous angels last week and I asked her about the faces, so I had a look on Ebay. No chance to try them out yet.

On my brown table you can see the additional cards I’ve made since last week, including (far left, 3rd from left) ones embellished with bits of cut up doily after I’d used the doily as a stencil – I thought it looked really pretty with ink on it, so decided to use some of the doily motifs, adding dots of Stickles in various colours to give a bit of bling. The one on the far left has the doily stencil piece I showed you last week, as a background. The pink card (2nd from left) is another one using the doily as a stencil – after inking, I went round the edges with a white marker pen to add definition and make it look more like lace – this has a slight shiny texture which has turned out nicely. The turquoise one has stamped images with clear heat embossing as a resist, and inking over them with Distress Inks, using my Inkylicious Ink Dusters. I love this technique! I may do some more of these.

On the far left of the table you can see the pile of cards I showed you last week, and between them and the new ones, tucked behind, if you look carefully, you will see the lid of my favourite teapot which I dropped in the sink the other day and… broke! Grrrr. I am hoping to be able to mend it.

In front of the cards is a piece I’ve made by gluing my offcuts to a piece of plain white card – bits I’d trimmed off the sheets so they’d fit in the Cuttlebug folders. They looked too pretty to throw away. I’ll think of something to do with them!

This week I’ve also been preparing for my Bible teaching session on Thursday – I am supposed to be doing a demonstration of the Passover for them, but today my throat feels odd, and I very much fear I may be coming down with a cold (or worse still, a throat infection – I am prone to these, accompanied by a temperature and flu-symptoms when colds are going round) – my hubby has started a cold so the outlook doesn’t look good. If it does develop, it will be in full swing by tomorrow. (I’m typing this at 12.30 a.m. Wednesday, so about 36 hours to go…) I am Really Fed Up about this. The group are so lovely and they have reassured me from the outset that if I’m not well enough any time, there’s no pressure, and they’ll just do something else, but I hate letting people down, especially in this case, when various different people have been doing things to help prepare for the session.

Sorry I didn’t manage to get round many desks this week – it’s hard to fit it all in. I’ve had a few really rough days and needed to rest, and I’m also trying to archive a whole lot of magazine articles which takes a lot of time, and continuing to work on the word book pages for my friend (only 4 more to go!). Thank you, those who visited me and left comments – always much appreciated! Happy WOYWW everyone!


  1. p.s you didnt put your link up on Julia's, as I went looking for you blog and couldnt find it, unless of course you put it under a different name. I love what you have done with coord's, we dont have it here so I just have to drool off yours lol
    Bridget #29

  2. Hi, you are around bright and early today. I love those embossed pieces, especially, as you say, the script ones. You are very good at jogging my memory with your posts. I am sure I have a pad of whitewash coordinates card somewhere. I can't remember what I bought it for, but it is a long time since it saw light of day. Your card collection is coming along very well. Such a good idea to get your own set made as well. Something I always intend to do, but never manage.
    I hope you are not too poorly to do your class. I am sure you are a real inspiration to the whole group. Kate x

  3. Sorry you have not had a good week (healthwise). Love those cards you have on display and that reminds me that I have found some doilies to use so must get going - so much in my head and not enough on paper.
    You do know you could have asked for faces and then made your own molds? If you want to know more (just in case you are unsure what I am on about) drop me an email (button on my blog).
    Take care - Hugs Neet #9

  4. Looking good those pieces.

    Russ ate my art doll mould, had to buy another one as it's great.

    Kay #21

  5. Sorry to hear you've not been well this week - glad that crafting helps though. Your cards are lovely, your mum will be thrilled with them, I'm sure! Hope the cold doesn't develop and you manage to get to the class, but they'll understand if you can't..
    Hugs, LLJ #45 xx

  6. Some great colours and textures there and you are certainly on a roll even if you feel a bit poorly. If you're not up to the study - it can wait and so will God - He has eternity and a lot of patience with us mortals! If someone else cancelled a meeting due to illness you would totally understand - so be nice to yourself too. It's not a big fat no - it can be also be a 'better later..." Wishing you well! Thanks for sharing today, Sarah at 2.

  7. Think positive and banish those bugs! You'll make it to your class I'm sure. You've been so busy and I love your embossed backgrounds. you'll have a good stash of cards made soon but just make sure you know where they are stored. I did all mine for the next year, wrote them, enveloped them and boxed smugly boxed them up. That was 4 years ago and I still haven't found the box!!!! Beare.
    love joZarty x

  8. Oh, Shoshi - I hope you are feeling better and are not really going to come down with a cold or throat infection!

  9. Do hope your throat doesnt turn out to be infected or get adoes of the cold.Tell hubby this time he neednt
    Hope your feeling better.Love all those cards youve been doing puts me to shame .i have albums to make yet itching to do some christmas cards and tags.wellHave fun filled creative week .Happy Woyww
    hugs judex 6

  10. Hello love the script embossed script pieces. The cards you have made are fab. Hope you feeling better. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

  11. Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hope you are having a great WOYWW,
    xoxo Marjo #109

  12. It is hard to fit it all in. And it's hard to learn that you can't - for the sake of your health. Hint Hint!! Your cards are great, more than I've done. My fave piece is the glued down strips though - I've got such a thing for colour all together!

  13. For being # 1 this week, I'm awfully late visiting. I'm so sorry but, after a computer crash, I had to stop by and get a bit of inspiration from your desk. I have some similar faces. You will love them, no matter what medium you use (clay or UTEE). Thanks for the visit, too.

  14. I do hope you are feeling better soon! Sounds like you really got a good dose of the nasty germ going around! Nothing wrong with taking it easy and doing whatever makes you feel good! Lovely creations this week by the way, take care of yourself! Thanks for the peek!

  15. Loving those cards and the embossing folder ideas.


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