Saturday, 16 June 2012

Blogger Problem–Comments not Visible

Just to let everyone know, I’m experiencing problems with Blogger (again…….) and I can’t view my unmoderated comments. I know there are lots there, because I saw them on Wednesday, and managed to follow up on some of them, and publish them, but I left the rest till I had time later, only to find that all the comments (published, unmoderated and spam) were no longer visible in the Blogger folder. They were visible on my other laptop and I intended to work on that to access them, but got too busy, and this morning, I find that they are not visible on there any more, either.

I have contacted Blogger 4 times now about this, and also posted a query on the Blogger forum hoping for some help, but so far absolutely no response. Someone on the Black Cat Cutters forum says she’s experiencing the same problems at the moment.

So I am sorry I can’t respond to any of you at the moment. I am hoping for a speedy resolution of this problem (some hope, where Blogger is involved) but meantime, please feel free to go on posting comments because they are all in there – somewhere!

Ed: One of the members of the Black Cat Cutter forum has come up with the solution – the latest upgrade to Firefox is causing the problem, and accessing the blog through IE makes the comments visible again! Thank you Stuart!! Let’s hope Blogger and Firefox resolve this problem between them. There must be many others who use both Blogger and Firefox, and this isn’t  a satisfactory state of affairs.

So – off to follow up on all my lovely comments, and sorry for the delay, folks!


  1. Having a different problem with Blogger myself- sometimes it lets me post images, sometimes not! Like you, I've posted in their help pages/forums, also not had any real help. Oddly, like you, it works fine in IE, just not in FF. Someone told me about Microsoft Livewriter( its part of the Office suite-) and it works fine, so may be worth a look, if you have Office. Shaz #75WOYWW

  2. So I am invisable? I can spread mischief and mayhem and not get caught....woo hooo!! lol Sorry to hear about the blogger problems, hope it gets fixed soon!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Hi Shoshi, I really like your sidebar about turning off word verification, hope you don't mind I lifted it for my blog too. I had a hard time turning off word verification, wish I had saved the link to the great tutorial I had found on that back when I did it, but I did find a setting that you can set your posts for moderation if its a certain age, so I have set mine to older than 14 days for them to be moderated. I have had really good luck with that.

  4. It's always something with computers these days!! Poor thing! I have the new version of FF and I keep having to sign into my email every 10 minutes, ugh!!!

    Thanks for the lovely visit and comment!

  5. Hi. I have been having the same problem with my blog for sometime now...


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