Thursday, 7 June 2012

Zentangle Art in Colour!

Now I’ve got my gorgeous Inktense pencils, I can branch out into colour! I’ve done two pieces so far: a fan and a fish. I really love the shape of a fan, and I’ve written down what I did to draw the shape, so I can replicate it and use different patterns to embellish it.

Tulip Fan

I thought a clown fish would be a striking one to do – again it’s an orange/red combination so we’re all warm colours for my first attempts!

12 Colour - Clown Fish

I have tried to use patterns that complement the fish shape, and imitate the overlapping scales of a fish. This was a fun one to do!

Now an update on the equipment I need for this art work. Since my last photo, I’ve got a few more items, including the new Inktense pencils, of course.

02 Updated Equipment

On the left is my cheap printer card with its gorgeous smooth finish, that I bought originally for pop-ups but which doesn’t fold nicely without getting soft and mushy, but is fabulous for drawing on with my fine archival pens which are sitting on top of it – the three on the left are black, and the one on the right is sepia (I haven’t tried that one yet, but I think it would be a nice effect on cream card). On the right: my new Inktense pencils in their tin, with my drawing set, protractor and fine propelling pencil for drawing. Also on the tin is my set of three water brushes – if you haven’t tried these, they are absolutely fantastic – you fill the barrel with water, and squeeze gently to release a small amount of water onto the bristles. As you paint, the water continues to seep down the brush in a controlled fashion with no drips or splodges, and to clean the brush between colours, you just paint onto a piece of scrap. Also lovely and portable as you don’t need to take a water jar with you. In front of the tin is one of my new paper stumps that my hubby bought for me, which are so much better for smudging the soft pencil shading than a thick and greasy finger tip! In front of that is my 8B soft black pencil for shading, and also a soft white eraser and pencil sharpener, and finally my glass nail file which I use, not only to file my nails, but to sharpen the point of the paper stump and remove the pencil stains. That’s it, I think – not really too much equipment to create art!


  1. Wow. Colour now. You are very talented and patient. I love both pieces, but especially the fish. He is so much fun. A few years ago I won a national ATC competition and I spent my prize money on a big set of Coloursoft pencils, but I wished afterwards that I had gone for Inktense. Coloursoft are similar but you need odourless spirit to blend them. Kate x

  2. Ohhhh they are beautiful and the detail and colours are amazing. Clever hint about cleaning your paper stump with the glass nail file. Have a lovely week.
    Sandra @36

  3. Shoshi you are soooo talented. the fan is my favourite,it's beautiful.After you left your comments about zentangle art on my blog I had a little try but my efforts did'nt turn out so well. I'm hoping I will improve with practice.

  4. Sheesh woman, not only is my jaw on the ground but my tongue is being dragged along with it. I am calling you the zentangle queen IMHO. I love the coloured ones so much, but I still love the black and white ones too

  5. WOW - I am blown away these are AMAZING!!!!!

  6. WOW - I am blown away, these are AMAZING!!!!

  7. Shoshi, you never cease to amaze me with your beautiful art. I hope you are feeling a bit better to-day. Take Care. Hugs Rita xxx

  8. Really gorgeous work, Shoshi! They are both so beautiful and dimensional. The Inktense pencils sound like a lot of fun to use. Quit tempting me to buy things!!! :p

  9. These are amazing!! Fabulous! I'm always looking out for good nice smooth but cheap paper, where I used to get it, changed it from 120gsm to 100, but the smoothnesshad gone, its now rubbish paper. Where do you get yours!? I've now got 160gsm but it's not as good as the old no long available 120 I use to get, and its waaaaaaaaaaaay dearer!

  10. Shoshi, I think that you can't possibly do anything better and then you go and prove me wrong = I love the bright colours of those Inktense pencils, they are just beautiful. Love the detail on the fan!
    Hugs, LLJ #70 xx

  11. Yet again you've made amazing things Shoshi! I love the effects of your new pencils - they're sooooooo pretty x

  12. Oh it's so lovely to get a closer look at them! The fan and fish are really spectacular, and I really love the way you've drawn the fish scales - so fishy! Amazing work.
    I really 'need' a sepia pen now - thanks for helping me realize that! - can't wait to see what you do with it.

  13. WOW! I am in awe! Your zentangles are amazing, and now, they are in glorious technicolour. FANTASTIC.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  14. Utterly stunning, Shoshi!!! Amazing.

  15. Beautiful zentangles! They're so subtle I really had to look to see what those scales were made of! Wonderful!

  16. Wow Shoshi your 'tangles are stunning.
    I've been wanting to add some colour into my designs but haven't got round to it yet but it adds a whole new dimension to the piece.
    I'm wondering where I might find some Inktense pencils locally...I'll be off to my art supplier tomorrow ;D
    Both designs are fantastic. Thanks for popping over to my place and leaving a lovely comment.
    Have a great week ~ enjoy! Neesie #7


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