Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Welcome back to the world’s most famous nosey fest, hosted by the lovely Julia of Stamping Ground. For details, click on the WOYWW link in my sidebar.

After a busy time clearing loads of stuff in my ARTHaven, I’ve finally managed to do some art today! However, first of all, prepare yourself to view a complete tip.

Here is an annotated version of the photo, showing the salient points in case you are interested! I must point out the fudge – last time I showed you, there were 2 boxes there, and now there’s only one. We gave her one! I didn’t eat them – really and truly I didn’t, though I don’t expect you to believe me lol!

I have a large 3-section black shelving unit running down the left-hand wall of my ARTHaven, which originally came from a shop that was closing down near where we used to live. It has served me very well for many years, but it contains far too much stuff that needs downsizing, so I’ve been working hard on this. I have actually rationalised it so much that I am now down to 2 sections instead of 3, but this still needs more ruthless treatment. When we eventually move, wherever we end up, I am not going to have the space for a lot of this stuff, much of which really is junk, so I’m trying to get on with it now, before I actually have to. I am going to ask my hubby to get rid of the third section so I’m not tempted to fill it with stuff again.

The boxes on the shelves on the left are mostly empty, and there are a couple with old audio tapes in them, which I am busy recording onto the computer because mp3s take up no room at all, but tapes can be quite bulky when you’ve got a lot of them! Most of these tapes are recordings of Bible teaching sessions and courses I’ve attended over the years, and also all the recordings I made of my own Bible teaching.

I’ve also cleared my filing cabinet, and shredded 30 years’ worth of old diaries (why did I keep them?!!), and have a set of replacement drawer runners on order from Amazon to repair the broken bottom drawer. One drawer was full of the tapes, and I’ve got the filing drawers down to 1 1/2 from 2. The shredder has been working overtime! Hoping my friend will collect the results to use for horse bedding!

Anyway, to my desk proper. It’s very cluttered and untidy. I am busy working on my flower factory again, getting some more flowers ready to swap with Judy. She’s already sent me hers, and I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival from Australia!

In the foreground you can see a layered flower I’ve made from shapes cut from some scraps of Core’dinations paper that I put through the Cuttlebug and sanded (another piece alongside), then hand-embossed and layered with hot glue. My glue gun is pathetic and about to give up the ghost I think – leave it on more than 10 mins or so, and the glue starts to melt right back up the barrel, and when you squeeze the trigger nothing comes out, but it all backs up inside! I’ve got a new one on order, as this is a tool I use a lot, and I really need something decent. In the background you can see a box with completed flowers in it, and another with flower and leaf pieces ready for assembly. I’ll be posting about the flowers when I’ve finished the collection for Judy. Also in the foreground is the palette I made recently for my Perfect Pearls, being used to paint the flower I’ve just made.

Sorry for my weedy attempt at visiting desks last week. As you can see, I’ve been very busy, and in between watching the Olympics (I’ve gone into a sort of bereavement now they’re finished lol! – and can’t wait for the Paralympics to start.) I can’t guarantee I’ll do much better this week as I’ve got a lot to do, but I’ll do my best! Have a very happy WOYWW everybody, anyway, and thanks to everyone who visited me last week, and special thanks to Julia for organising us all.


  1. oh wow what a great WOYWW crafty space!! I don't have piza boxes...just a few empty chocolate boxes and posh bags...people give them to me...yes...empty! Just seen your seahorse, fabulous as always!Have a great Crafty week Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #13

  2. you must be friends with penny duncan, I did a double take when I saw your studio, you two are like sisters:) Happy WOYWW!
    Lindsay-Frugalcrafter #25

  3. That's one busy room you have there but what a lot of clearing you have been doing. Does this mean that you are thinking of moving house?
    I really ought to start clearing a lot of my stuff out but I just end up putting it back, like clothes I just don't seem to be able to part with anything.
    Ah well,
    Hugs, Neet xx

  4. Hello Shoshi,
    Thanks for your comment - first for the WOYWW week. My first thought is that your space looks like a really serious cockpit. It's great! It must be good to be sloughing off the stuff you don't need. It seems to be a constant challenge for me. The greatest time-waster is wanting to find homes for things so I have a large space in the garage set aside for things to go to a charity, St Vincent de Paul locally known in Aust as Vinnies.
    The Perfect Pearls palette is a great idea, and the core'dinations flower is lovely.
    Enjoy doing the rounds in between the next Olympic round!
    Ros. #14

  5. It is always such fun to see everyone's creative rooms. Yours looks like it is bursting with fun and creative stuff. I have just started to downsize and recycle lots of stuff I no longer use. Luckily my DD friends love doing craft so I pass on lots of bits and pieces. But then I buy more stuff!!! So the cycle starts all over again. Thank goodness for woyww or I would think I was crazy.
    Sandra @32

  6. oh what a busy girl you are!!!! love the workspace and the flowers!!!!

  7. When you finish thinning out your stuff, please come and help me to thin out mine. I really do need help. #22

  8. Hi Shoshi,

    Wow - you are doing a GREAT clean out! I really like the photo with the red arrows. I'm going through my clothes closet (finally) and once I'm done with that then I'll move on to something else.

    Did you read your old journals before destroying them?

    My blog candy is posted so check it out!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #37

  9. great looking craft space. I am wall to wall in my space right now and need more space. My cats have become fearful of entering the room! Have a great week and lots of fun in that room of stash! Vickie #38

  10. wow, 30 years worth of old diaries, that sounds like an interesting read, ha,ha! ok, i believe you (that you didn't eat the fudge) but fudge sounds really tempting! happy WOYWW!
    thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  11. Glad you had time to visit me honey pie!
    Gosh, I shudder at the thought of tidying/sorting. I've just had my annual tidy!!hehe.
    Hmm...those completed flowers look pretty special!
    Flower making can be quite addictive as it's so enjoyable.

  12. hhmm... should we believe you about the fudge?? hehehe
    What a great space, and the little flowers looks so sweet! :o) Thanks for sharing!

  13. I am impressed with what you have achieved so far and I am so with you on getting rid of those shelves you have emptied. "Have space - will fill it" is something we all do. Love that flower you have made on your desk and do the perfect pearls resuscitate if you add water? I thought the set with water so would not re-constitute later...?

  14. What a wonderful craft room you have, I am very envious. I am missing the Olympics too, so much!
    Helen, 3

  15. Hi Shoshi, 30 years of diaries!! Goodness, it was time for them to go.....and the purple crutches are very striking. It is always good to have a clearing out session - good for the soul and the craft room. Have a good day, Anne x #59

  16. Hi Shoshi, oooer, I did enjoy the really good nose round your playroom just now. Crumbs, you truly are having a mahoosive tidying up session.

    A question - am on the verge of buying (being bought actually) a Kindle and, although don't need 3G, am still dithering between the basic one with buttons to turn pages and the 'touch screen' one. Love the idea of being able to get rid of some books, thereby freeing up shelf space here.

    And your flowers are beeeeautiful :)

    Happy WOYWW, Di xx #7

  17. gorgeous flower there - i love tha labelled photo! happy woyww jenx

  18. Still not tried out that labelling you did those great instructions for. Maybe when my head is working a bit better. Love all that you have been doing - have I already commented? Or is this dejavu?
    Hugs, Neet #21 xx

  19. I find sorting out really cathartic! I love recycling/giving away/chucking things - in fact, I'm really good at it. Perhaps I should consider it as a career!!! I just love it when there's a clear orderliness about everything afterwards :D
    Hugs, LLJ #74 xx

  20. Great post Shoshi..fascinating re-structuring going on there - well done. It's hard work too, but so satisfying, and as you say, far far better to be done at apace rather than forced on you just in front of moving...You put so much onto your projects, I bet Sue will be so thrilled with the swap.

  21. Wow, I still don't see how you can downsize all of that. Are you sure you will need a lounge room in the next house. I'm sure no one will notice if you use it for your workspace (he he).
    Love those flowers, hope the new glue gun arrives soon.Have a great week.
    Von #27

  22. That first photo is pre tidy right??! I had a good nose at tall the books and I spotted a Dick Francis on the shelf! I've read all of his as I've always loved horses. Very pretty flowers too and good luck with the rest of the clearup.

    Brenda 5

  23. Your Art Haven looks totally fab! It will be a shame to have to get rid of stuff. I like your annotated picture very clever. Now to the work desk gorgeous flowers I've been doing a few for my Tim's twelve tag challenge. Making flowers is so satisfying. I'm up for a swap any time you have the time happy crafting toni #91 x

  24. I read todays annotations as 'my room has a comfy chair, pizza, fudge and alcohol (ink)!'
    When your new glue gun arrives don't do what I would do and keep the broken one just in case it might come in handy one day!!
    Have a good week,
    Laura 82

  25. Shoshi, I have to admit your room in it's current state, would not inspire me to do much crafting, but you are managing to make beautiful flowers in it! You have done very well at clearing the rubbish out. I hope you don't suddenly find you need some of it.
    Do you use any special software to convert your cassettes into mp3s? I have some of my boys when they were in a very good church choir. I especially love the Christmas one.
    Well I had better get on with desk visiting and see if I can do a bit better this week.
    Kate x

  26. Looks like you've been busy!!
    Although the detail blase helped it didn't solve the problem. I have a thread over in beginners corner where the amazing crew are trying to help out so you might want to follow along!!

  27. You have nice cozy area to work in, and think how much room you will have once you remove the books from there! I don't see how you shredded your diaries, for me that would have been like shredding my scrapbook albums! have a great week and waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida ;0

  28. Hi Shoshi thanks for popping to see me. Glad you liked the exploding box. I am in the process of making a tutorial so watch this space. You have been very busy with the decluttering. How do you convert a tape to MP3? I have one treasured tape with my eldest chatting on it when he was tiny and I would love to preserve it for him. WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 18

  29. For some reason your first photo doesnt want to download, I've tried 2 days now, I'm going to use my imagination. 30 years lol, you need to move house that keeps my stuff down

  30. Wow... What a busy craft room... I would love a rummage through it all... your flowers are fabulous... It's so hard trying to downsize... You will get there... Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#5

  31. Hi this is not so much a desk as a warehouse, great space and enjoy the sorting.
    thanks for sharing
    janet ~9

  32. I love the idea of doing an explanation via a diagram for your creative space!! Made me laugh when I saw it :-)

    Kyla #53

  33. Purple crutches! Too, too cool! Wow! I love the tour of the whole area and enjoyed the annotated photo. I'm insanely jealous of your purging! I really need to do that but don't seem to have time to make time. I suppose I should do it like you eat an elephant-one small bite at a time, but I just can't get going. You've motivated me to start in but can I keep that mojo until I get home? (since I'm at work now, probably, but I could be lying because surely I would not be so frivolous to surf blogs at work?!). Thanks again for the tour!

  34. What a fabulous work area Shoshi. It's nice to put a picture to the description (as opposed to a face to a name, lol) so now when you're saying your doing this or that I can picture where you are. Love the purple crutches - we are blessed my son isn't so bad as to need mobility aids
    The flowers are gorgeous and the new one on the desk is so sweet, reminds me of a primrose. Very late today, we've been out all day - so tired now, it's time for bed - said Zebedee, hehe :0) x

  35. Sounds like you are at least making some progress. Much more than I can say, I am trying my best to get my stash sorted, but I keep finding these really interesting things that I 'forgot' I had and then I have to look and play with it for a while. LOL
    Happy sorting and happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #116

  36. Me again.
    so glad you returned because it was my fault the second photo wasn't there! Blogger is not guilty this time. I was in such a hurry to get onto Mr Linky that I published before I'd quite finished.

  37. Wow!! There's a lot going on in your looks like fun! Congrats on clearing out some of the stuff you no longer need!

    Beautiful flowers!

    Amy E. #4

  38. Aaaaahhhhh you still have the fudge box, we really should see inside it to make sure it is all there...... Go on admit it you have eaten some, I would that is for sure. Ok seriously be careful don't get rid of any art stuff you will regret it later and yes I am going to keep giving you this advice until you move LOL. I think your space is great, you can relax in there and have some fun by the look of it.

    Happy Crafting
    Eliza #102

  39. Hello!


    I love the arrows! It is such fun in your workspace - like taking a treak through creative valley! I click on your photos so I can see the larger size and study the detail! Visiting your workdesk is an adventure! (If you DID eat the fudge, I hope it was good!) Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  40. Thanks for your help on recording. I found the audio recorder by Googling.



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