Wednesday, 13 March 2013


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Well, long-time-no-appear, and I thought it would be good to pop in once more and at least show my face (metaphorically), just so you don’t all forget me.

Last time I didn’t have a photo of a messy or tidy workdesk to show you, but I thought this time I’d be brave and share some photos of what my poor old ARTHaven is looking like at the moment!! It’s been some weeks now since I’ve been able to do anything creative in there, and the desk has now reverted to its original office identity as nearly all my creative stuff has been packed away.

Manhattan Island Skyscrapers:

My desk:

What a mess! Last night I dumped a whole lot of frames and canvases on it.

Where my big shelving unit used to be:

I have given most of it away, but you can just see the remaining uprights of the single section in the far right of the picture. You can see my Ikea rails in the foreground, and the disassembled wire cube storage above.

The other corner of the room:

One of those boxes has got all the stuff for making Dad’s album in it. The rest of the stuff is waiting to be packed up properly, and I’ve got 2 tall narrow boxes with all my embroidery and batik frames, bits of dowelling, etc. etc. in them, and they will go as they are. There’s also a large roll of butcher paper from our last move, which I use for drafting out designs on.

Although this looks an awful lot of stuff packed away, there are also boxes of books mixed up in it, and several boxes of odd bits and pieces brought home from Mum’s as we continue our massive clear-out there.

We’ve been working hard over at Mum’s, with both my sister and my cousin (who has been over once, and is coming again on Sunday), clearing loads of stuff and separating it into bin/burn, house clearance, lower-grade auction, decent auction, stuff that us girls want, and stuff Mum wants to keep. The time is fast approaching for the decent stuff to be taken by the auctioneer, and then the stuff Mum wants to keep can go into storage, and Mum herself will go into storage with my sister till the new house is ready!!

Powers of attorney have now been granted for Mum and Dad so my hubby can now sell Dad’s car, and also there will be no delay in exchanging contracts on the house sale/purchase. The sale is going ahead apace, with (so far) no problems, but we’ve had some problems with the purchase of the new place as our surveyor turned up a major problem with the roof – the whole thing has to be replaced at vast expense. However, a settlement has been reached, the job will be done, and we are still going ahead, but it may take a little longer than the sale of my parents’ place. As the completion dates do not need to be linked, this is not a problem, as we are permitted to stay in our own house till May 2014.

Recently we went over to Mum’s when my sister was there, and had a massive clear-out of Dad’s workshop, and despite the pouring rain, my hubby got a vast bonfire going (he managed to singe the neighbour’s fence!!) – it was a cosmic battle of the elements between fire and water, with the flames leaping up into the sheets of rain under a dark and threatening sky, with my hubby dancing around it like a demented gorilla, and I am happy to say that fire won in the end! All very dramatic. My hubby’s back is not so good again, and we’ve all told him off for overdoing things.

I think I am being more sensible in that department. Packing two or three boxes a day (most days – some days I don’t manage to do any) I have made great headway, and once my ARTHaven is packed up, I can tackle the rest of the house. I’ve already made good progress in several of the rooms, and now that a friend of my hubby’s has removed a load of rubbish out of the box room and taken it to the recycling centre in his big trailer, I can sort through the rest of the stuff in there, and use the space to store some of the filled boxes till the actual removal.

Lots to do still, but we are certainly making progress.

Dad had another episode of extreme confusion recently, and was back in hospital for a couple of days, but it appears he didn’t have another infection. We think it was brought on by an unfortunate cocktail of drugs, but these have been changed, and when he came back to the residential home, he was like a new man, back to the best he’s been since he’s been there. My hubby saw him this afternoon and reported that his catheter has now been removed, which is extremely good news, as that particular source of infection has now gone. They reckon his kidneys are now much better. He is still not able to live independently, and never will be, but at least we can have a fairly sensible conversation, even if he does keep coming back to the same thing. He continues to be happily settled there and not asking to come home; he is being very well cared for and always looks smart and clean, with his hair washed and trimmed, so we are very pleased. Mum has been finding all the sorting at her house rather stressful (she keeps saying “there’s such a lot to do!” although she doesn’t have to do any of it!) and I think the uncertainty (as she sees it) of her future is getting to her a bit, but we keep reassuring her that everything is going fine, and soon she will never have to be on her own again. She’s just feeling vulnerable, and this can come over in a lot of complaining and being difficult, but I am quite sure that once she’s settled, she will be fine, and we will be able to enjoy our time together.

I won’t have time to visit many of you on the WOYWW circuit, but just wanted to let you know that I am still in the land of the living!


  1. Oh Shoshi, I can only feel from a great distance, how stressful all this has been. All those boxes, your parents, signing contracts, new roof on the new house...
    I am glad your dad at least is happy and settled.Your poor mum.... I remember how my mum was when she had to leave the family home.At least you have help to pack up her belongings.I did my parent's house by myself. Some days it was just so sad, I had to sit down and weep.
    Take care and try and have a break to do somthing fun (if you can). Not being able to make anything must be hard. Just think of that fab new space in the new house...
    Judy xx

  2. So good to hear from you Shoshi, was thinking about you the other day wondering how things were etc.
    I haven't joined in with Woyww for a week or two either as even though I've been doing stuff my desk always looks too pristine and bare lol. I'm heavily into swaps at the mo so enjoying that for a bit.

    I remember going through all that you're going through with your folks, my Dad had a problem talking in his last years but we always made a joke of it, I would say 'Talk properly Dad' with a grin and we would both burst out laughing. Also to know that they're properly cared for is a blessing, my Mum had nothing but praise for the staff in the hostel where she lived for 6 years and it does put your mind to rest knowing that.

    Anyway good luck with the sorting and take care.
    Best wishes from

  3. LOL Demented Gorilla ha ha, does hubby read your blog? You are certainly upbeat about all of the moving and packing, I'd be wreck with my art stuff packed up but you are a trooper, looks like it will be wonderful once you are moved and settled though. Keep up the high spirits!

  4. Hullo there Shoshi,
    Well, a lot going on there - and can so understand it is very hard for all concerned.
    I pray the LORD will be with you in it all and things can be resolved sooner than your dared hope with your roof on the new place!
    So all can be moved in earleir than your dared to hope for,
    God bless,
    Shaz in oz.x (no number yet)

  5. Now I need a lie-down after reading about all of this hard work! It will be worth it in the end! Pleased to hear that your dad is adapting well to the home and that you have lots of support! Wish we lived near! x

  6. Cleaning out is. Very hard. So give yourself space and it will settle back to normal

  7. So sorry to read of your situation, hope it resolves as best it can for you - sounds like you are all working hard at it! Take care, and drop in occasionally! Helen, 11

  8. Thanks for the update, Shoshi! So much going on in your life - I don't envy you one bit! (Although, we've gone through a lot of the same stuff.) Best wishes to you and your family. Be sure your husband takes it easy on his back - we have that issue here, too.)

  9. Glad that your Dad is doing much better and in time I bet your Mum will be so happy too :)
    You have so much to organise, it will all be worth it in the end x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #46

  10. Hi shoshi... No danger of you being forgot - I've missed your posts/artwork. I remember the one time we moved, that it was quite stressful and that was fairly straight forward - so I really feel for you, with everything that has been happening. It sounds like you are very organised though.
    Take care.... Gill x

  11. Lovely to see you again, Shoshi and to know you are doing OK. All those boxes look as though you are getting on top of the house move and it all sounds like it is going on a pace if not a little stressful. It must be hard for your Mum but like you say, once she's settled and secure again she'll be fine I'm sure and it must be a huge relief to see your Dad happy and being well cared for.
    I had to smile at your hubby doing a bonfire in the rain, I bet that was a sight to see.
    Take care and don't overdo it.
    Hugs Lisax #59

  12. sounds like you have had a lot to deal with just recently and it is lovely that you have found the time to join us today
    Happy WOYWW

  13. No matter how much or how little time you have, moving is not a nice experience. 6 months later and I still have boxes to unpack but the upside is that I have found stuff I 'lost' so thats a plus. All the best and hope no one suffers any more health scares until you are settled in. What a bummer about the roof.
    Bridget in Australia, no WOYWW for me this week

  14. I have gone through what you are doing now and it was a harrowing experience. My Mom died before we got it all done and my father died a short 6 months later! Take care of your self! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Vickie #1

  15. Hi Shoshi. I'm glad you are just about coping. Moving house is such a difficult and stressful thing. It is good you can stay where you are for another year, so you don't have to worry about waiting for the new house to be ready. It is a shame all your craft 'stuff' is unavailable, but it doesn't sound as though you have time to use it anyway.
    Take care and don't over do things. Little by little....
    Love Kate x

  16. OH wow, you have been VERY busy, Shoshi--glad to hear that things are moving along (no pun intended), and going well.

    Happy WOYWW!
    #124 this week

  17. Hi Shoshi good to hear how you are. There seems a lot to do!! Brought back memories of moving my Auntie from her flat ( quite large ) to sheltered housing ( quite small) there was so much to be done and she was not helpful- it was very stressful. Glad your dad is better than he was. Anne x #137

  18. Hi, wow such a lot to do and sort. Hope all comes together soon. It sounds like things are improving slightly. Hopefully the house will be sorted soon too.
    Good luck
    Famfa x

  19. Good evening Shoshi, goodness me you have a big burden, but you seem to be tackling it steadily. It is good that your dad is being so well looked after, as that takes some of the pressure off you. Your mum will continue to need your reassurance. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Carol.x #53

  20. Oh my goodness, you have got a lot going on, what with moving and down-sizing your parents' place. Jeepers, dunno how you do it. Just don't overdo it!
    Thanks for your message - glad to catch up with you. At least the boxes are now in the right room and if you need a break, get on those fancy spokes of yours and go shopping! ;-)
    Take care,
    Ros. #99.

  21. Sounds like you have a lot going on still and all those boxes too :(
    Would like to say have a great crafty weekend but think you ma be doing other things.

  22. Hi Shoshi, hadn't seen you about and thought you might have moved by now. Sounds like you've got tons going on. Hope your dad is now fully recovered from the latest blip and that mum doesn't feel too unsettled. Thinking of you and hoping you will all be setled in your new home very soon.
    Remember to look after yourself too!!
    Cindy xx

  23. Hi Soshi, we are missing you on the WOYWW circut I hope the move is going well, you must be itching to get back to making stuff! Thank you for the sweet blog comments! I just checked out your Zentangle shop and the colored elephant is so beautiful! All of it is, i hope it is going well for you;)


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