Friday, 10 May 2013

Thai Takeaway Zentangle Again, and More House Move News

Zentangle Art

In my last post, I described how I decorated the front of a most attractive Thai takeaway pack we’d had. I have now decorated the back of the box.

Again, you can see my own tangle pattern, Spawn (approximately in the centre of the design). I have also used Meander and Nzeppel as fills, and Pokeleaf, Jellyroll, and again, Planateen for the oriental roof, amongst other patterns. Again I have used Jetties to fill the spoon, and this time added a little steam!

Here are some detailed shots. On the first one, you can see Spawn and Meander clearly.

This has been a fun project to do. After completing the front, I contacted the manufacturer of the food, called simply “COOK” ( and they were kind enough to say they would like to put it in their weekly staff newsletter! They said how pleased they were that their packaging had inspired my art.

House Move

One brief bit of news – yesterday the sale of my parents’ house was completed! We are delighted that Phase 1 has now been achieved. We are still waiting to hear from the solicitor that a date has been set for exchange of contracts on our purchase, and as yet no completion date has been set – it should have been 17th May but now looks likely to be early June. Nothing for us to do except contain ourselves in patience for a little longer, I’m afraid! Meanwhile, work continues on the home front, with box packing etc. My hubby has been busy dealing with the paperwork associated with the transfer, cancelling services and insurance etc. etc. As we cross each task off the list, it’s one less thing to do, and we are gradually making steady progress in the right direction.


  1. Great stuff! Waiting with you!

  2. I was wondering how the manufacturer like the box, how cool to be in the newsletter! Glad to hear things are moving along wit the new house too!

  3. My thoughts are with you at this anxious time.
    Just love what you have done with that box Shoshi. Really in keeping with the Thai theme.
    Judy xx

  4. Don't forget to show us your great box in Sketchbook Friends. It's brilliant Shoshi

  5. beautiful colours & composition....lovely!

  6. That is absolutely fabulous work Shoshi, I love the fact you are using your own designs - so clever - and how great that the food manufacturers are putting it in their newsletter.
    Hope all goes well with the contracts -thinking of you and wishing it all signed, sealed and dealt with soon!

  7. Wow this is lovely.. how fabulous to be in the company magagine too.
    Gill x


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