Sunday, 30 June 2013

Beautiful Cake

My hubby went to the village fete yesterday and won a beautiful cake!

01 Cake

Good enough to wear for Royal Ascot, isn’t it! (Better to eat, though.)

Here are a couple of detail shots of the gorgeous icing flowers.

02 Detail of Top Roses

03 Detail of Brim Flowers

Such a beautiful piece of work that it seems a shame to cut it. I will, though. (I love cake.)


  1. Wow that is a gorgeous cake to find at a Fete, someone was very generous decorating it so nicely

  2. Wow Shoshi, I seem to have missed so much on your blog - the house is looking amazing and coming together beautifully - you must be so excited and eager to get it finished. I am praying for you getting the all clear - what a worrying time for you - on a positive note these screenings we get offered are at least able to catch things in the very earliest of stages. Good luck.

  3. PS - I forgot to say what a beautiful cake this is and lucky hubby to win it! Also I love your post about Poltimore House - I remember that Restoration series well!

  4. Gorgeous! Lucky him ... and YOU!


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