Thursday, 13 March 2014

Teabag Art with Zentangle

I have now finished the large watercolour paper that I’ve been drying the teabags on, and this is the result.

21 Teabag Drying Paper

I love how some of the impressions have creases on them where the teabag wasn’t touching. Here are some detailed shots of the impressions.

22 Teabag Drying Paper Detail

23 Teabag Drying Paper Detail

It struck me that these shapes could be used as instant Zentangle strings complete with shading, so I took my sepia permanent marker pen and started to add some patterns. As they are very small, I used my clip-on magnifier so that I could see better what I was doing.

24 Teabag Drying Paper with Zentangles

Some detail shots.

25 Zentangle 1

25 Zentangle 2

26 Zentangle 3

27 Zentangle 4

If you look at the detailed shot of the original teabag drying sheet you will see that I have drawn around the creases and marks, and the outline of each shape. I have also left some “white” space in each one to emphasise the small amount of pattern that I have added.

I think there is definitely some potential here! I would like to try drawing some Zentangles directly onto some actual teabags, but they would need to be sized first with acrylic gel medium or clear gesso… Lots to think about.


  1. Wow! So detailed and pretty :)

  2. Hi Shoshi These Zentangles on tea bags are a great idea and so beautiful. Thanks for your comment over at my blog
    My sore thumb is due to overworking on 29 faces and spending to much time on my mobile phone looking at blogs it's aggravated my arthritis.

  3. Shoshi, I love these tea bag tangles!Could work well as a card too.

  4. This works really well Shoshi. I could see these in little frames individually or groups of three or four.
    Brilliant well done. Must show my Zentangling friend Gillian these.
    Lynn x

  5. Wow, what stunning work - I love the tea bag marks as they are but I also love the Zentangles you've done - such beautifully detailed work. No wonder you needed a magnifier! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier, I hope you have a happy and creative week,
    PS you might also get half a comment - it disappeared while I was writing it!

  6. Now there's so much potential there Shoshi,
    I love what you've done already ...they look great! ;D
    Enjoy your weekend and if you need more teabags we have gazillions here.

  7. These are magical - I love how you worked with whatever the tea stain left behind!

  8. They are fabulous, what a fantastic idea. I love the way you used what the teabag was saying and not just made a pattern. I'd go cross eyed trying that and would need a supersized teabag (he he).
    Thanks so much for the lovely comment, sending hugs to you too.
    Luv Von

  9. So glad you found your dye powders, they are quite expensive to replace! When I was studying we were encouraged to keep a record of all dye recipes and samples - but I knew back then that I would never want to take it up - it was rather too messy and unpredictable for me (OK in an old college studio but not my kitchen/bathroom at home)!
    I hope you have lots of fun with your dyes and teabags and I'm looking forward to seeing your results.
    Diana xx

  10. Oh my they are gorgeous. Very clever of you. Anne x

  11. OMG! What an awesome idea and such detail. I am always amazed at what each of us see in some of the more mundane things of life. Goes to prove that there is beauty everywhere we just have to look for it! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie aka okienurse #72

  12. So creative and what fun! Bravo! I just love this idea....

  13. Well I think you have invented something new here. Brilliant idea and what a lovely end result.
    Sorry you are not feeling 100% (I have had an upset tum today)- hope you improve soon and get on with your zen'ing.
    Hugs Neet xx

  14. Hi Shoshi, these are amazing. It always staggers me how art can come from the oddest of places. I had searched for the dress forms for ages too- I know Indigo Blu have them, but these were way cheaper. I agree, they have an amazing wealth of stuff on their site. I do hope you will start to feel better soon, I appreciate you visiting me despite that. Hope your week gets better, Hugs, Shaz xxx

  15. Shoshi that's sooo great. I want to try it sometimes.

    I hope you feel good and wish you all the best.

    Many Greetings from rainy Germany.


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