Wednesday, 24 September 2014


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What’s On My Workdesk this Wednesday? Just about everything!! My poor ARTHaven is a tip. Again.


We have had a very busy week. Today is the last day of our holiday at home, as Mum is returning today after spending 10 days with my sister, giving my hubby and me a most welcome break. We have had several trips out, the highlight being our visit to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at the American Museum in Bath, which is running till November, I think. (You can see all 99 photos I took, here in my Flickr album.) I am still basking in the experience of being totally immersed in a riot of colour! I have been a fan of Kaffe Fassett’s for years. If you get the chance, do go – it’s really worth seeing.

I also had a shopping day on my own – a rare event these days and I had Such Fun! I had a good old rummage in the charity shops and came home with some lovely stash for altering and upcycling – a project that will have to wait for the New Year at this rate.

Last night we had a friend round for dinner – I did a roast chicken and lots of vegetables, and my famous apple lasagne for pudding – nobody felt like any cheese after that lot! So I have been busy cooking and preparing. To celebrate this extremely rare event (Shoshi doing any entertaining!) I got out the best china and we had a candle on the table. The works. I even managed to clear everything up afterwards!

Tonight I begin my felt making classes, and I have been busy preparing for that. We have to take a certain amount of stuff with us (rolling pin, bubble wrap, Merino rovings etc. – in the photo above, you can see the green box full of all this stuff, ready to take for the class) and since the theme of the 5-week course is Autumn, I decided to dye a few pieces of Merino to go with this theme. Here is my dyeing table by the sink in my ARTHaven, with the pieces I dyed yesterday.

WOYWW 277 - Dyeing

Last week I also dyed some Merino roving with avocado skins and pits and it came out a gorgeous dusky pink colour, and I shall be taking that too. I have got some commercially dyed rovings. I have experienced some problems with the wool tending to felt during the dyeing process so I’ve decided to card it before taking it to the class.

A few days ago my parcel of new stash arrived, and most of that is dumped on my desk. I made some moulds from some of the metal embellishments and these are now put away (about the only thing that is!!). I am hoping to have a chance in the next few days to sort out the chaos and try and tidy up a bit, so that I can get down to some work again!

Have a great creative week, everybody, and happy WOYWW.


  1. So glad you've had a nice break! Love those Kaffe Fassett pics.
    Hope next week has some fun times too.

  2. Your art haven is such an amazing space Shoshi, wow! I have a patchwork book by Kaffe Fassett, wonderful stuff,would love to see some of his work IRL. Have fun with the felting classes, wonderful colours you have there :o) Happy WOYWW Annie C #37

  3. Took a sneak peek at the Kaffe Fassett pics - wonderful - would love to see them "live" but doubt it will be possible unless the exhibition comes this way.
    Have a great time at the felt class - enjoy!!!
    Glad you have been able to have a god long break. Trust all goes well when mum comes home from your sister's.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #18

  4. So glad you had a good break, Shoshi - icluding some solo shopping time is a luxury and much appreciated I should imagine. JUlia and I are on a mission to see the Kaffe Fassett exhibition..we'd better get a wiggle on as it finished in Nov doesn' it?!
    Hugs, LLJ 34 xx

  5. Hi Shoshi, the colours of your dyed wool are lovely. What a busy week you had, but so glad you enjoyed your 'at home' holiday. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #25 xxx

  6. Yes, you've had a great holiday haven't you.
    How exciting that you are starting this new course. The autumny colours look very good, especially that burnt orange.
    I'm sure you'll be blogging about your class. I'm already looking forward to reading about it.
    Thank you for letting me peep over your shoulder.

  7. Shoshi I just work among the chaos.. to certain extent do need a small square reasonably clear.. well done on roving dyes they look grand .. have fun at class, Shaz In oz.x #27

  8. It sounds like you had a great time rummaging through the charity shops - that has to be one of my favourite past times! I've just looked at your previous post and seen all the goodies you bought - lovely, you got some good bargains by the look of it. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in your felting class - hope you have fun.

  9. It's not a tip ... it's a busy crafting space. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great day and have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #69 x

  10. Hi Shoshi - so glad you've had such a brill, well-earned break, with lots of lovely goodies to play with now you're home. I hope Mum has enjoyed her trip, too. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 14

  11. Thank you for your visit to my blog earlier Shoshi! Felting is something I've never tried before. Sounds intriguing! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #22

  12. Sorry Shoshi, I thought I had visited this weeks WOYWW but it looks like I was wrong so here I am, better late than never! I love your arty space, plenty of surfaces to work on.
    Thanks for visitng me too.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  13. I love your art room what a fantastic room to play in and I didn't see any mess at all. Nope none. Thanks for popping in to say hi, I have been flat out all month and Flat Susan has had me running sometimes.

    Hugs Eliza
    Sorry I am so late getting back this is my disturbingly busy month due to footy etc.

  14. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I see you have had a very nice week going to shops, exhibitions etc. I know nothing about felting - I am mostly just a card maker but I have seen some lovely work done by our fellow WOYWWer Annie!
    Enjoy your felting class!
    Lots of hugs,


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