Thursday, 27 November 2014

Recycled Mini-Album Pages–Professional Life

Having just heard that my sister and my niece are coming down in December, I thought I would really press ahead and try and get the mini-album finished in time for that, so I can give it to my niece. I am making very good progress so far, and have now completed some more sets of pages. Today I am showing you the Professional Life pages.

This is the completed title page of the section. This section is largely monochrome, with heavy use of the white pen (I am now on my third white pen for this project!) and trying to keep the pages as thin as possible as I am getting rather concerned at how thick the book is becoming, and there may be further thick pages to come. The text was printed on the computer, cut out and applied, along with the pictures, with regular matt gel medium.

89 Professional Life Title Page Complete Blurred

The second page, before I did the border. This page deals with my dad’s work at the hospital, taking the initiative at his own expense and in his own time, to give his junior staff extra tuition, better to equip them for their professional lives ahead. I have also added a piece about the professional conferences he attended. The two photos on this page are of artefacts now in my possession. To create the background, I used a larger version of the picture of the hospital, stuck down with regular matt gel medium, and painted over with a grey acrylic glaze. The text was hand-written with the white pen.

90 2nd Professional Life Page WIP Blurred

Here is the page with the border.

91 2nd Professional Life Page Complete Blurred

I created the background for the third page using a mixture of titanium white and black acrylic paint, dabbing it on randomly.

92 3rd Professional Life Page Acrylic Background

It was a little bit too strong so I went over it with white pan pastel with a little black for good measure. I prefer the softer effect. The next photo shows the page after sealing the surface and adhering the photos with regular matt gel medium as before, and again, the artefact is now in my possession.

93 3rd Professional Life Page Complete Blurred

The border was done with white acrylic paint and black and white pens, and the journaling in white pen, outlined in black where it was against the light background. The picture shows my dad wearing his badge of office when he was president of his local medical society.

There was a special event in his professional life that was so unusual that I have devoted a separate section to it, which I will cover in the next post.


  1. Splendid work - a real tribute!

  2. I'm late to WOYWW so I've stopped here as well. marvellous super impressed at how you're creating backgrounds as you go...I would end up with previous pages covered in medium and making a right old mess!
    It is a triumph, I think your neice will need some time to truly appreciate the treasure of this gift.

  3. This is going to be such a beautiful keepsake Shoshi. A good idea to soften the black and white acrylic with the pan pastel. It gives a lovely 'feel' to the pages.


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