Wednesday, 3 December 2014


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Still working hard on the recycled mini-album, which I am determined to finish by 11th December!!

You can see it lying on a scratch paper that I’ve made from the background of this page and previous work. The page I have just completed is on my dad’s interest in astronomy. You can read more detail about the creation of this page if you scroll down to my previous post, and the posts below that, which deal with other pages I’ve been working on since last week’s WOYWW, for those who are interested in following the progress of this album.

Also on the desk you can see the inevitable dirty paint water (different colour this week!), the paints I used for the background for the page, and my glass bead gel medium, which I also used on this page. Various pens, paint brushes, gel mediums, spray sealant, bubble wrap printing blocks, distress inks… the general detritus of a busy art desk lol!

Not a great deal of other news this week, apart from the fact that we’ve again been having major problems with mum and her awful behaviour… it is really stressing me out, but as always, she is behaving quite well following on from the latest row, although she did have a blip with my hubby while we were out for lunch with a friend today. She gets extremely difficult if she isn’t constantly the centre of attention.

I have been reasonably well this week, apart from a couple of evenings with a weight on my chest and palpitations as a result of said stress, and an M.E. crash on the recliner yesterday afternoon and evening. From now on, of course, there is lots going on, but as long as I finish the album in time I’m not too bothered!

I haven’t forgotten that I didn’t post about last week’s soap making class – too many other things to post about! I will try and do it together with tonight’s class.

I haven’t done much knitting this week, and am still picking up stitches around the neck. Nearly finished now! Watch this space.

My diet continues to go well, although the weight loss is pretty slow these days. I have now lost 2 stone 1 lb (29 lb) since I started back in June, and I am now officially no longer obese, but merely overweight!

Happy WOYWW everybody, and have a great creative week. Again, my apologies for not visiting as many of you as I would have liked, but not much time to be on the computer at the moment.


  1. Almost there, Shoshi! I love the colours in that astrology themed double spread! You can't hurry creativity! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDnkyDoodle #30

  2. Hi Shoshi, sorry you are having such a bad time of things.It must be very difficult to deal with your Mom, ans not get stressed out by it all. Love the journal page-the colours are perfect. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xxx

  3. Sorry to hear about the challenging behaviour...let's hope she improves. Try not to let it get to you, though I know that's easier said than done.
    Btw, I love the backgrounds you did for the astronomy pages in memory of your dad.
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  4. Hi Shoshi, sounds like you have your hands full. My parents are 86 and 87 but still in reasonable health however, my father is very deaf and it does cause some problems for my mum she is not always very patient with him. We do our best to keep things on an even keel, sure you understand!
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  5. I am sure your Dad is going to love your book. It just begs to be picked up and turned page by page. Keep smiling and creating.

  6. I am watching the growth of you Album with curiosity and joy. It will be a jewel when it is finished. It is awesome. And it amazes me how you managed to loose such a lot of weight. Wow!!!
    Gabriele 12

  7. Hi Shoshi - lots of happy and sad in your post today. Sorry about the trials with Mum - no wonder you're feeling the stress. Hang on to the fact that His grace will be sufficient for you, whatever seems to be thrown your way. The verse 'stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will bring' popped into my mind when I was thinking of you. On the good side, your album looks great, and it's good you can throw yourself into your crafting, to ease the pressure. Just don't overdo it - you're very precious and need to take care of yourself. Hugs, and I hope the rest of the week goes well. Chris # 15

  8. PS I meant to say well done on the weight loss. I've lost 2st since the summer, too, but in my case I'm still obese!! LOL Never mind, onward and upward. I hope you manage to maintain it over the holidays x

  9. Love the starry album ! Hope you are feeling better very soon ! Ali #51

  10. Oh goodness, I've missed a huge amount of the book since last week - I've just been travelling back through your posts and your book is looking beautiful. What a wonderfully interesting man your father was, and your are capturing them beautifully. I love the flowers on the outdoor page - that's a great stencil. Sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your mum, a cousin of ours is in the same boat and her mother always seems to want to manipulate the family and be the centre of attention, to the point where our cousin feels she daren't leave the house - it's very wearing and stressful - I feel for you very much. Take care,

  11. Hi again Shoshi,
    I used a Sizzix embossing folder - it came in a set of two: Sizzix 658285 'Christmas Words and Dots'.
    Have fun!

  12. Life is always throwing us challenges and when it comes from the people closest to us you seriously want to throttle them. I feel for you having to deal with this behaviour, you need to step back and say enough, your health is far more important than that sort of nonsense. You look after yourself. I have been looking at your posts for awhile with envy and admiration the book is really coming along in leaps and bounds, good for you too. I have received the little bottles you have sent, but lacked the time to sit and really write you a thank you letter, for this I am sorry. Now I just need the time to actually use them and do some playing.

    Must go heaps to do and books to balance and shopping to sort through to make sure I have enough products to pack 300 Christmas hampers next week.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 61
    Don't worry about returning the visit, you rest

  13. Hi Shoshi, life can be such a interference with our crafting sometimes! Just step back, take a deep breath and most important of all remember to let that breath back out! :D I am still loving that album and look forward to seeing its completion.
    Hugs my sweet "desking" friend,
    Beth P
    #49 WOYWW


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