Friday, 23 January 2015

New Stash from Range

Yesterday my hubby took me for a little outing to stop me going stir crazy indoors. It was a very cold, raw sort of day so we didn’t get out of the car when he took me to see the sea. I love the sea in wintertime – the colours are so subtle and there aren’t many people about. I didn’t take any photos because we didn’t get out of the car, but it was very dramatic, seeing the amazing red cliff where it has fallen down into the sea in last winter’s terrible storms. That particular little beach is now closed because it’s not safe. In another place we go, a house has fallen down. And we think we’ve got problems…

After this, he said would I like to go to Range. He’s been telling me about Range for ages. I’d never heard of it before (I know… I should get out more!) saying they’ve got a really good art department.

For those who don’t know, Range is a huge shop that sells everything for the home and more besides. I was delighted with the aisles of crafting supplies, and decided to pick up a few bits and pieces. Inevitably, after about 10 minutes of this my hubby started saying, “Are you ready yet?” “Have you finished?” and “Shall we go home now?” Lol!

Here’s the stash I bought.

Stash from Range Jan 15

On the left, a 2015 diary (at last) – I’ve been writing stuff down on a list so far this year! Next to it, a multi-pack of double-sided foam tape and lots of foam squares. Then a tiny alphabet stamp set (we can always do with more alphabets) and on the right, a nice big pack of natural coloured raffia. I love this for wrapping my soaps, and it will be useful for cards and mixed media stuff too. At the top, 3 rolls of ultra-sticky double sided tape. For weeks now I’ve had an empty one on my table in the sitting room to remind me to order some more!

Range has lots of Dovecraft, Papermania and Crafters’ Companion things, as well as plenty of other makes. Loads of scrapbooking stuff, embellishments, papers, punches, embossing folders, glues… you name it. I shall definitely want to go there again!

We also discovered, in the home section, a lovely art deco mirror for our sitting room. Since we moved here I’ve been thinking of getting one. We’ve got a genuine art deco fireplace in beautiful polished wood which is an original feature of the house, where I have given my genuine art deco electric clock centre stage, and our repro art deco lamp a prominent position. The new mirror is perfect! My hubby hung it last night and before I went to bed I polished off the finger marks with vinegar. Sparkling.

New Mirror for Sitting Room

These little outings mean all the world to me. Just having a bit of quality time with my hubby out of the house on our own, and visiting some of the beautiful scenery within striking distance of home, and having the opportunity to do some shopping (definitely retail therapy!).

Here’s the embroidered piece for the bed that I completed last night.

12 Purple Piece

Health Update

This morning in the post, I received my appointment for the CT scan, which is next Friday afternoon. Please see the “My Cancer Diary” page for details. The juggernaut has begun to roll.


  1. Never heard of the Range? Where have you been? Haha! Coincidentally I have just bought a new vacuum from the Range today. Your mirror looks lovely there above the fireplace I'm sure my Nan had an original one. I'm glad that you had a lovely day out with your Hubby and that you have a date fir your scan.

  2. Awesome mirror and it fits right in with all your other art deco decor. Retail therapy is always good therapy in my book. Now if you could just get your insurance to cover it! hee hee!

  3. Oh I'm so glad you got out and had a lovely time.We aren't far from the sea either, and like you I love it in the Winter! Wild weather makes for dramatic skies, and strange light.
    Love that mirror, and I love vinegar as a cleaner! Smells like Fish and CHips and always makes me hungry!!
    So glad you have had some happy times.Precious!

  4. What an awesome mirror, just perfect for the fireplace. It's nice to see the sea when it is wet and horrible weather it always seems to put things into perspective. I am off to read the other section of your blog. Stay happy.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda


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