Monday, 11 January 2016

Sorting my Stamps

On the long slow process of tidying my studio, I have at last sorted my rubber stamps! After this I was too tired to do any more, but at least some progress is being made, after doing nothing during my busy week last week.

Stamp Organisation Montage

I think I am happy with them arranged like this but I can change it again if I want. What I have done is to reduce the number of ziplock bags, by combining stamps of the same kind together. From left to right I now have:



More Backgrounds


Trees and Leaves





Sea Life

Water Droplets


Other Insects


I’ve now got plenty more rings and clips freed up for future use. The bags still occupy about the same length of rail as before, unfortunately, so I may not leave them like this, but I’ll give them a trial and see how it goes.

I have a new stamp which I got at the end of last year, for my card factory. I needed a “hand-made by…” stamp to give a more professional look to my cards, particularly as I am now making them for the chemo unit to sell. This is what I found on Ebay.

Hand-Made By Stamp

I am really pleased with this. It has a large enough space to write not just my name, but any other info too. I decided not to unmount this wood-block stamp because I shall be leaving it out on my work surface and this way it won’t get lost.


  1. You're so well organized with your stamp storage, Shoshi! The categories are very cleverly set up - you will have no time finding the right stamp this way. I have two categories: large and small, LOL! I've been sorting out my stamps too, but I'm just chucking them into a box - many of them without the backing sheets. I just need easy access to them and I was getting frustrated dealing with the packaging. I think I can get away with it because I don't have many stamps to start with and my stamping technique is sloppy at best, so I don't need them to be in tip-top condition. Time will tell how this system will work out. LOVE your new "Handmade by" stamp. Looks very vintage!

  2. Hi Shoshi, I'm popping back to reply to your comment about stamps. Just copying it here, in case you miss it on my blog "Most of my stamps are for creating backgrounds - that's why I'm not so careful with them - they get covered up anyway! I didn't quite understand the fuss about stamps either, until I started buying them and now I find myself wanting more, more, more! Perhaps it's some sort of epidemic! As far as I'm concerned, other than alphabets and backgrounds, they're not really good value because - realistically - how often are you going to use the same main image on various projects? But it's nice to have them nevertheless!"


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