Wednesday, 2 March 2016


We continue to be very busy, and I haven’t had any time to speak of for art this week. I have done some more baking for the chemo unit, though (scroll down to see my last post for details) and late last night made two batches of biscuits to take in to the Ricky Grant chemo unit when we go in today. (I haven’t got an appointment, but just want to say goodbye to my favourite receptionist who is leaving).

05 Finished Biscuits

I made cheese and cinnamon biscuits. I was sad last time I went in that a couple of people were not able to enjoy the cakes I took in because they had diabetes, so I thought a savoury choice might be a good idea this time.

I am going back to the hospital next Tuesday (8th March) to have my port removed. It will be strange not to have it any more as it’s been part of me for 10 months. Its removal marks the symbolic end of my chemo and (pending the results of further scans and blood tests over the next 5 years) the end of my cancer.

The only art I managed to do this week was to finish my kitty art journal page.

22 Completed Page

If you want to see details, please go here.

Also this week I have revived a long-neglected skill. On Sunday after church, our minister asked whether I would sing for them. It has been a very, very long time since I sang in public (or even at all!) and I had not played my guitar since I went downhill with my M.E., and then other things really took over. On Sunday afternoon I dug the guitar out from the recesses of the under-the-stairs cupboard, dusted it off and sat down to have a go. At first it was totally awful but then I expected that – however, what I hadn’t expected was that I remembered all the chords with no problem at all – memory is an amazing thing, isn’t it. I suppose remembering guitar chords is a bit like riding a bicycle, or like touch typing – it’s a sort of muscle memory! At the end of the session my poor fingertips were very painful as all my hard-earned protective callouses had disappeared many moons ago!

Since then, I have been practising for about half an hour each morning. On Monday, putting my sore fingers back on those steel strings took a great deal of courage and it really HURT! However, the only way to build up callouses is to do the thing that made the fingers sore to start with – playing the guitar! Several days on, they are still quite sore, but typing isn’t quite so painful this morning as it has been, and I think I’m on my way. My playing has definitely improved over the succeeding days, and I am sure that I shall be ready to step out in faith and do it in public before too many more weeks are up!

My hubby is thrilled that I am doing it again. There is another member of the family who is also thrilled. Phoebe!

Phoebe Asleep in Guitar Case 1-3-16

Happy WOYWW everyone, and I wish you a fulfilling and creative week.


  1. Hi Shoshi! Just popping in to say that Google still hasn't sorted the problem, but I've found ALL your comments! If I log out of Google or use a different browser I can see all my missing comments. Unfortunately, however, if I want to reply to them, I have to log back in and they're no longer visible! How silly! Email going shortly - still working on it!

    I thought you made cinnamon and cheese biscuits all in one - I was thinking, hmmm, what a strange combination, must try one day, LOL! How wonderful that you're playing the guitar again! If would be so great if you recorded yourself one day - only if you feel confident, of course! Phoebe has sure found a cushy place to snooze! Now you won't be able to put that case away for a few days! I haven't published my WOYWW post yet - working on it right now!

  2. What a wonderfully uplifting post from you again today Shoshi. Well done getting your guitar out again. I think we have to say "your're back". I'm sure your biscuits will be greatly enjoyed. I have a sweet tooth but I would choose your cheesey ones. I LOVE cheese biscuits - one of my favourite things to eat.

    Your journal page is stunning and when I'm going to come back and read all about it after my visits.

    I love the photo of Phoebe. We have a very funny advert on our televisions here for Spec Savers with a cat named Phoebe in it. Enjoy the rest of your day. Barbxx

  3. How wonderful that you are playing again! How cute that the little kitty sleeps all curled up in the case. It is very nice of you to bake goodies for the unit and I'm sure they all love it! Glenda #27

  4. great detail of making the I in different red. Happy WOYWW Vicky #3

  5. Love that you're getting back to music - wish I could persuade my DH, his guitars lie tucked up in the cases - bit like Phoebe!!!
    Have a good week
    Christine aka Bishopsmate #29

  6. Wow, having your port removed will be a momentous day....I hope it means that you feel that another positive chapter is opening. And the photo of your cat in the case made me cats do the same with my tuba gig bag!! I'm really pleased that you've rediscovered your singing and guitar, hope you're enjoying it :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xx

  7. Hello Phoebe! Cats really do like to find enclosed places to sleep. I play this game on my phone- Neko Atsume-where you collect cats.They sleep in pots,baskets,boxes,etc. No guitar cases in the game though! Happy WOYWWand great news about your cancer! patsy

  8. Love those biscuits - they look yummy!
    Congratulations on the port coming out - always good to hear of someone that's beaten cancer.
    Hope the fingers harden up soon so you can play in comfort
    Happy WOYWW
    xx #38

  9. Great that you can take your biscuits in to the unit, and so thoughtful to provide something for the diabetic folks. Your cat card is fab, love the bright colours. Lovely to see Phoebe in your guitar case, our furry friends make themselves at home anywhere, don't they? Glad to read about you taking up your singing and guitar playing again, and good luck going forward beyond the chemo, Judith xx

  10. Phoebe! What a hoot she is. The biscuits look quite yummy and as much as I like sweets sometimes savory is where it is at. Love, love, LOVE the cat journal page, so cute and whimsical. PJ #47

  11. I absolutely grinned reading through this, removing the port is such a big deal and your kittie curled up in the case just made me lol :) YAY for you!! ~Stacy #53

  12. Your biscuits are perfect! Wow! I'm sure they will all love it at the unit.
    I smiled at Phoebe in the guitar case...
    Good for you that you are having a go at playing the guitar again. Yes, the calluses have to grow, I know and that is not pleasant. Well done for persevering.
    Have a good week,

  13. Those biscuits look so yummy. Love your journal page!!
    Diane WOYWW #31

  14. Just yester day I was listening to a radio article that mentioned how learning the guitar shreds one's fingers! Keep at it gal, that combined with the voice will be so welcomed, and to me is another indication that you're feeling well. Nice baking!

  15. wow, you are a lady of many talents - arts, baking, and music too... glad you are getting back with the music again, and the biscuits look so good - my tummy is rumbling (dinner is just about ready, lol!) Have a great week. Helen #2

  16. How exciting to have the port removed! A cause for celebration! And isn't it amazing where cats choose to sleep, mine included. I remember the sore fingers from guitar playing from over 45 years ago. Haven't picked up a guitar since I was 17. Hope you have a most wonderful week!
    Carol N #40

  17. It's great that you've got back into it again! It's fun to rediscover an old love and one that sounds like it brought you a lot of pleasure to do. It's nice of you to bake those goodies for the chemo unit. It's great that you're giving something back.
    I love your cat page - wonderful

    Sharon K #42

  18. Oh How WONDERFUL to be going back to singing and playing your guitar!! I think singing is a glorious thing to do.It makes your whole body feel sort-of tingly. I used to sing too, and was in a couple of choirs.When the choir hit certain harmonies, I would feel a glorious sensation.I am thrilled with your news.Poor fingers!!Love Phoebe. in the case!!!!
    Judy xx

  19. There you go trying to tempt me again. Your cat knows all the comfy spots. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 22

  20. Those treats you made for the chemo unit friends you've made look delicious. I also absolutely love the colorful cat page you made. However, what I was most thrilled about, is that you will be making a joyful sound to the Lord. How I wish I could be at your church to witness that. Blessings, my friend!

  21. Love your cats ! So funky and made me smile! Hope everyone enjoyed all those biscuits ? Well done to you for persevering even when your fingertips were protesting! Ali #63

  22. Well, we have something in common at the moment. I too am working on getting my finger callouses back. I've run into a couple of my old band members and they miss me want me back. Since we bought this old house two years ago, i just been so busy and my poor guitar has been gathering dust. It is easy to stop doing something, even something that you love, and then have walls start building up that prevent you from picking it back up. My walls have been, "it will take forever to get back in the swing of things and be where I was" . . . that is just one of those lies that puts doubt in our minds. The other is "how hard it is to carry all my equipment in and out of the places we play", then I saw this fold up canvas cart, on Amazon, that is light weight and folds out of the way . . . So now with no more excuses, I have been practicing, too. Here's to both of us and some great days of playing with our friends.
    Have a happy weekend!
    Connie :)

  23. So pleased that you are at the end of a difficult chapter in your life. Here's to new adventures!


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