Saturday, 11 June 2016

More Pictures of Our Garden

As I promised a while back, here are some more photos of our garden. The first batch was taken on 25th May.

The new flower boxes on the summer house, with the narrow boat painting I did.

01 Flower Boxes on Summerhouse

02 Large Flower Box on Summerhouse

03 Small Flower Box on Summerhouse

My hubby decided to extend the decking in front of the summer house so we could have a table there, to eat our meals when the weather is nice. Here, he has prepared the ground ready to put in two more railway sleepers.

02 Summerhouse Ground Prepared for New Sleepers

The sweet pea plants he’s put in the troughs along the garage wall, with the trellises he managed to rescue from a rubbish heap on a farm he visited.

05 Sweet Peas

More trellises on the back of the garage, with the new Clematis montana. In a couple of years, this will grow up and cover the end of the garage – it is a prolific plant with very pretty flowers. Growing around it are some columbines which I really love.

06 Clematis Montana and Columbines

A couple of tomato plants my hubby was given, in pots outside the utility room window.

07 Tomatoes

The bank in front of the path leading to Mum’s patio. I love the wild ferns that grow there. There are male ferns and hart’s tongue ferns, and I’ve enjoyed watching them unfurl from their tightly-rolled beginnings. In amongst them on the bank are some wild cyclamen, too, but they are not in flower yet.

08 Ferns on the Bank

A trough of black tulips. I forgot to photograph these when they were at their best; they are dying down a bit here.

09 Black Tulips

The rockery in Mum’s patio.

10 Mum's Rockery

The strawberry pot.

11 Strawberries

A couple of new begonia plants in a pot in the corner of Mum’s patio.

12 New Plants on Mum's Patio

The water feature, taken from the kitchen patio.

13 Water Feature

The herb garden that my hubby made for me, in the corner of the patio outside the kitchen window.

15 Herb Garden

After these photos were taken, the water feature developed a leak somewhere along its length and my hubby had to work quite hard, trying to find the leak. I suggested that it might save him a lot of work if he replaced the plastic the whole way down – he had patched up the old plastic originally. He eventually agreed, and once done, it was successful for a short while, and then water started pouring out from somewhere again, all over the patio, and he thought he’d have to tackle the whole thing all over again… However, he discovered a fold in the plastic which he must have introduced when he had been replacing the stones, and once this was corrected, it has been working perfectly ever since.

This picture, taken on 3rd June, shows the water feature demolished.

11 The Waterfall Taken Apart 3-6-16

Here is my hubby, rebuilding it. This was taken on 4th June.

12 Rebuilding the Waterfall 4-6-16

The remaining photos I took today. You can see some changes and quite a bit of growth in some cases.

The water feature, repaired and working. The trouble is, pictures of it don’t show the water – you just see the plastic liner! In real life, it’s quite obvious, though. This photo was taken standing in the patio.

01 Water Feature from Patio

This photo were taken through the kitchen window, which gives a better view of the patio too.

03 Patio from Kitchen

The herb garden. My hubby has tidied it up, and we also have some parsley in there now.

03 Herb Garden

Pink geranium in a pot by the bank, where the ferns have grown up beautifully since the primroses died back. It’s lovely and mossy and wild. Beside the geranium is a pot of mint.

04 Geranium and Ferns on Bank

Looking along the bank towards the patio outside the flat.

05 Ferns on Bank

The strawberry pot. If you look closely, you can see that there are some strawberries developing – we probably won’t get more than a small bowl but it’s a start! You can see that the kitties have joined me and are “helping” with the tour of the garden.

13 Strawberry Pot with Kitties

Over the last few days, the sweet peas have started flowering! I am amazed how quickly they have grown up – they are quite tall now. There are plenty of buds, so in a few days there should be a good show.

06 Sweet Peas

The flower bed and the bird bath. The climbing rose is known as “Rambling Rector” which is rather amusing!

07 Rambling Rector and Bird Bath

Looking back towards the house along the flower bed.

08 Flower Bed from Top of Garden

Here is the summer house, completed as my hubby had imagined it. You can see the extra railway sleepers in front, providing enough decking for the bench and the small table which he bought in a second-hand furniture shop for £4! He painted it with Cuprinol to match the rest. We can sit up there and have our meals and there is a bit of shade from the apple tree, which makes it very pleasant, with a lovely view back down the garden. It’s a favourite spot!

10 Summer House with Flower Boxes and Baskets

Today my hubby received the two hanging baskets he’d got on Ebay, complete with their silk flowers like the ones in the boxes – maintenance free lol! They look so nice and bright against the brown wood of the summerhouse.

In front, on the decking, he has put a wooden box that he’s painted red, and inside is a basket which is supposed to have bottles in it – he’s thinking of putting some flowers in that as well.

11 Summer House and Apple Tree

The view of the summerhouse from the top of the bank. It makes such a lovely focal point at the end of the garden, and I love what he’s done with the flower bed.

12 Summer House from Top of Bank

Finally, a view of the water feature from above, through the trellis.

09 Water Feature from Above

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our garden! As time goes on, all the plants will grow and mature. It’s already hugely different, and it’s all down to my hubby’s hard work and imagination, with a few suggestions from yours truly!


  1. Looking Good, amazing what a good tidy up and a little maintenance can do for a garden, don`t need to spend a fortune just a little potter about
    loving how its looking now the flowers are growing

  2. Beautiful!!!! Oohing and Aahing over everything. I really love your herb table. That is so unique. I am envious of your bird bath. I could not wait to put in a bird bath this year but decided against it since Zika is starting to spread in our area. Sadly, mosquitoes love bird baths in my area. I know it's probably silly to worry about something like that. I would feel terrible if a young Mother got bitten by a mosquito and my bird bath was the cause of it. I can't wait to see more of how your garden grows. Your home is so beautiful.

    1. Thank you Aiyana, so glad you enjoyed our lovely garden!


  3. Hi Soshi! What a lovely garden you have! So inviting. I just want to sit on that bench in front of the summer house and enjoy the serenity of it all. I usually get those 'buttocks' shots of Bob when he's doing stuff, too LOL Hope he was able to repair the leak without too much issue. Creative Blessings! Kelly

  4. what a gorgeous garden. Looks like a great place to just get lost in thought and relax. Love your kitties too!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #2

  5. Wow, this is gorgeous!! (would you like some company?) Thank you for the tour and it looks so relaxing and it is beautiful, I hope you enjoy lots of quiet mornings or evenings there.

  6. Beautiful! The two of you have a lot to take care of and looks like you're doing a great job of it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Look like you've really made the most of your garden, Shoshi! It's very well-kept and those flower boxes have really brightened up your summer house. A wonderful place for Phoebe and Beatrice to chill in and explore. Let's hope the previous sunny period wasn't IT for the entire summer and we can enjoy more of our gardens!

  8. Hi Shoshi,
    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your kind comments - I am glad you have got your cutting machine out again, it is fun isn't it. The flowers I made didn't involve dies and cutting machines, I cut wonky circles by hand and used a tiny flower punch (99p from Hobbycraft) for the centres - in fact it was a pleasant change not to have to find the right die and get the machine out and all the paraphenalia that goes with it just to make a flower! Talking of flowers your garden is looking absolutely delightful, and I am so impressed with the hanging baskets - it's lovely and as soon as we get some dry weather (or if!) I bet you are looking forward to sitting out and relaxing in it. Looking forward to seeing your next crafty project!
    Diana xx


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