Wednesday, 29 June 2016


At last I’ve got something to show you on my workdesk this Wednesday. Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to get my Cougar cutting machine up and running again (she’s called Sheba) – she’s been in deep hibernation for several years as I’ve been dealing with other more pressing matters in my life during that time!

After much correspondence to and fro on the wonderful Thyme Machines forum, those wonderful people on there have helped me on the way and Sheba is in action again, just in time for me to make a card for a new baby – baby steps, you could say. You can see the finished card and its matching tag on the table. I have yet to make a card insert for it, which I am going to design on the computer and print out.

WOYWW 369 29-6-16

To the right you can see my Final Cut Pro folder with notes and instructions for using this video editing software on the Mac – not that I’ve done a lot recently, and that’s another thing that needs to be brought up to speed again soon. On top of the folder are my instructions on designing and cutting stencils using Sheba. The same cut file I used for the baby footprints has also been made into a stencil.

Since I last joined in with WOYWW I have been very busy, and have been attending a 5-week course at the cancer support and info centre at our local hospital entitled “Moving On After Cancer” which is proving to be extremely interesting and very helpful. Yesterday afternoon was session 3 of the course. You will notice that there are some new page tabs at the top of my blog, covering the sessions, if anyone is interested in reading them. I have had some good feedback from the cancer forum I am on – this sort of support is sadly lacking in other parts of the world, notably the USA and Australia, and I am happy to pass on the excellent information we are receiving.

Have a good week, everybody.


  1. Great to hear that you got it up and running again . . . Your card is so pretty . . . don't you just love making baby things :)

  2. That's a lovely baby card Shoshi! Good that you got your Sheba working again!
    I have just spent a happy half hour catching up on your blogs as I haven't read any since the garden shed.
    Your blogpost on Brexit I found particularly interesting.
    Have a good week,
    Happy WOYWW,

  3. Oh... I LIKE the baby card and tag!!! Very cool! Looks like Sheba will get a lot of use! I'm headed over to read your new pages. Glad the support group is going well! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #28

  4. Love that baby card. I can see that you are going to have a lot of fun with Sheba.
    Have a good week
    aka Bishopsmate #34

  5. What a great idea having a life after cancer course - everything is focuses on the treatment and prognosis but it must feel quite isolating when it all stops afterwards. I'm glad you're finding it useful.
    I bet Sheba enjoyed being awoken from her slumber and getting the chance to cut things out again, lol! Hope you and she have fun!
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  6. Hi Shoshi, love the card and tag. Beautiful. Your cancer support course sounds good, and I hope you are getting plenty from it.Shocking that we have a better support network than those countries- usually they are way ahead of us, aren't they? Have a great week, Love & Hugs to you both, Shaz #6 xxx

  7. Happy WOYWW. Glad to see that you are busy crafting and producing a fantastic card with Sheba (where does the name come from?). I do miss my Silhouette Cameo (sold it because I wasn't using it a great deal and needed the money to pay a vets bill) - will get one again in the future. Unfortunately my CFS has been flaring up and causing more restrictions on my lifestyle - but at least I have been able to get on the laptop this evening. Ali x #48

  8. Love those little tootsies!! Glad to hear that the support group is being a help! Chrisx 37

  9. Looks like you've been busy. I've heard of support groups for cancer survivors, but I wasn't aware of cancer courses. My mother has been cancer free for over 20 years now, thank God, but I don't remember her having any such thing available. Blessings, my friend!

  10. Thank you for pointing out the new tabs, I started to read your cancer diary, well written. Good to know you found a direction for for what your are experiencing. Good to hear you are recovering well. blessing, donna #9

  11. What adorable little feet! The card is beautiful and it's great that Sheba is up and running again. I am so glad you are getting support from the cancer course, it's a wonderful idea and something I have never heard of - and well done you for sharing it on your blog to help others - I'm amazed we are ahead of the game, that's a new one for us isn't it!!

  12. Hey Soshi! You are so good about informing yourself and sharing what you learn. You are a true Blessing. Good to see you picking up some past playthings. Love the footprints on that card. Just too cute! Creative Blessings & Hugs. Kelly #32

  13. I love the cancer course idea. I think my area in the USA (Springfield, MO) does offer them. I didn't know it was hard to find because I always see them advertised in my area. That is a shame the courses are hard to find and rare. They are needed.

    1. I think coverage of this kind of support is patchy in the USA. You are right that this sort of thing is needed!


  14. I didn't have time to do this week's WOYWW, but I'm glad to see you were able to join, Shoshi, to share that cute baby card. It's good that you share your experiences with cancer to demystify it for others. It's encouraging for everyone to see that people can get through cancer and even thrive in its aftermath. You're such in inspiration! xx

  15. Hi Shoshi, pleased to hear you are getting on well. Lovely baby card, very sweet. Trying to catch-up this week as I have been otherwise occupied. Have a great weekend and happy belated woyww, Angela 15


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