Thursday, 7 July 2016

Shoshi’s Bin Shopping…

Ohh the excitement of my life these days! How can I cope with it all?

Two or three weeks ago the inner part of our kitchen bin broke, so my hubby bought me a smart new bin. The only trouble was, it was much taller than the old one, and although it went underneath the reduced-height worktop of our semi-adapted kitchen, the lid wouldn’t open more than a couple of inches and I had a job to use it without pulling it out all the time. I struggled on with it until I realised it really wouldn’t do, so last night I spent several hours online, trying to find a suitable replacement that I liked, that worked properly, and wouldn’t break the bank. It turned out to be very difficult, and I ended up going to bed (very late!) having achieved nothing! Anyway, I preferred to see them “in the flesh” to make sure the one I chose would work well for me.

Yesterday something went wrong with my Tesco grocery delivery, and several things that I thought I’d ordered didn’t come, and they weren’t on Tesco’s list either, even though they were crossed off my written list as I’d entered them on the online order. I can only think that the brief dropping out of my Internet connection may have had something to do with it. I always used to double-check the order against my list before going to the checkout and I will obviously have to start doing this again. Anyway, they were things I couldn’t do without, so I suggested to my hubby that we took a trip out this morning, to visit Sainsbury’s and also to try and find a new bin.

He’d asked me last night what I wanted to do today as he was free, and I think he had in mind a nice outing to the seaside or a picnic or something, and we ended up going supermarket shopping, and on a bin hunt!! I had tremendous fun and enjoyed my morning immensely. Clearly I should get out more…

We found a bin the same as the one that had got broken, but this time in cream instead of steel, and decided to buy a new bin for the compost too – also in cream.

New Kitchen Bins 7-7-16

Very smart. Wouldn’t you agree?

During the course of my online researches last night, I came across a review on Amazon of one particular bin which really made me laugh – the woman liked the bin and wrote a favourable review – it was entitled “Bin there,” and her username made me chuckle as well – “Helena Handbasket” – and she said, “The bin is a bin. I am reluctant to give it 5 stars, because anybody who loves their bin that much clearly needs to get out more.” Lol!

I obviously need to get out more. I mean, really. Dedicating a whole blog post to a kitchen bin.


  1. I love this post. Made me laugh.

    1. Thanks Aiyana - nice to make people laugh!!


  2. Oh how funny - you've given me a laugh, but I have to admit to having had the same problem - what sounds so minor can end up really irritating the heck out of you can't it! Glad you had a successful trip and hopefully hubby will get his choice of day out next time!!
    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such nice comments on my blog. On the subject of embossing flowers - hmmm, I've sort of given up trying and now I use a hot glue gun to glue the flowers, the heat makes them malleable so I have a few seconds to get them into some sort of position I like - more like folding and bending rather than embossing - it's often painful work and if you look too closely the backs of the flowers are an utter mess! I really like your tip about using the foam - you are a mine of information, I was working on an a piece of old cardboard and now I'm thinking it was probably too hard. I shall try some foam and see how that goes - thank you!
    Enjoy your bin,
    Diana xx

  3. I agree with her. Some of these on-line surveys are a waste of time though the very fact she bothered to even look at could mean she needs to get out more too Lol!

  4. Haha, Helena Handbasket sounds like she might be your soulmate! I thought the title was witty! Glad you've found what you needed. The lock on our bin broke as well, but I was able to replace it for a just a couple of pounds not long ago and I was even excited about that - so yeah - I need to get out more too!

  5. too funny! I love reading posts about mundane life of other people. Usually you only hear about the 'best' stuff and I always wonder if I am the only one with my particular issue. Love reading the comments too! Some are real eyeopeners! It has been a while since I have posted anything or participated in WOYWW! It has been a year of medical issues and I have become kind a recluse of sorts. Vickie #43

  6. Thanks for the giggle/ smile. I have those 'need to get out more' moments then wonder if it is really going to be worth the drive. LOL go you on finding what you were looking for and to dear hubby for going, even it it probably was not what he had in mind. Bob does this often and I love him for it. I try to reciprocate from time to time ;-) Creative Blessings! Kelly

  7. loved your bin story, clearly I must not get out enough either. don't mind me - still catching up from Wed. donna #34

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments. The paint cards are by Valspar - I found them in B&Q but they didn't have them in my local Homebase. They make such a change from the multi-coloured ones that have been around for years - I was quite excited when I found them!
    Thermofax printing is like screen printing, I use on-line companies to put my own designs onto a screen, they can frame them if you want for rigidity, and then you print with a squeegee and printers ink or fabric paint. They also sell screens with their own designs on so you don't have to supply your own artwork. You pay more for the larger screens, so as I work fairly small I find they are just about within my budget, but I don't buy many!!
    Hope you have a lovely week and find a little time for some arty craftiness maybe!
    Diana x

  9. LOL that is a funny bin review! Sounds like you had a fun time out even if it wasn't quite what you imagined.

    Enjoy your weekend


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