Wednesday, 18 October 2017


My desk late Tuesday night.

WOYWW 437 17-10-17

Not a great deal going on – all my distress inks, Infusions etc. are still out for the ongoing Infusions Mini-Album project.

On Monday I did manage to make some cards because my stash had pretty well run out. Not my favourite activity – more of a chore than a pleasure and I wasn’t terribly happy with the result but I ended up with half a dozen passable ones that will be useful for upcoming birthdays.

16 Six Completed Cards

I’m still very up and down with my ME, alternating between busy days when I manage to keep going and don’t feel too bad at all, and then rest days when I just crash out. It means I get behind with stuff that needs doing and it’s a bit frustrating! We both seem to be quite busy at the moment.

I had a really really lovely day on Saturday when Margaret (glitterandglue) spent the whole day with me! She was coming down to Devon for a Pergamano course and arrived a couple of days before it was due to begin, and she was able to come and visit! I so value these opportunities to meet fellow WOYWW-ers because being down in the SW we are a bit cut off and not being able to travel much, I rarely get the chances others get for crops etc. Here is Margaret with some of her absolutely stunning Pergamano work.

01 Margaret with her Pergamano

I think she was hoping to get me going on it but seeing how incredibly fine and detailed it is, and how very time-consuming, I didn’t think it was for me, despite the beauty of the results.

The kittens are getting so big now. They are now nearly 5 months old! They weren’t very impressed with me yesterday morning and one day last week because I shut them in the bathroom for several hours while the electrician was here doing some work. They are very lively and also very loving – especially Ruby with me. She comes running to me and when I pick her up, she purrs and purrs.

Here are the latest videos of them – Ruby attacking one of my hubby’s new slippers, and then both of them having fun playing with a leaf. So much for the expensive toys we bought for them, which they never touch!!


Our apples from our tree have finally come to an end. We have sliced and frozen 5 big bags of them, each containing over 6 lb of apples, so this year’s yield has been well over 30 lb! I’ve got 3 lb of them in the slow cooker at this moment – I’m in the process of my first attempt at making apple butter from a recipe I found online. I want to cook an apple cinnamon loaf for our monthly Cakeathon meeting for our cancer group this Friday. I’ll try and take some photos of it if it’s successful!


  1. Cannot see your pictures, am in Spain on the iPad. However I can imagine some of the things. Wish I could see Margaret's Pergamano. Isn't she lovely? So glad you two got to meet.
    Take care, rest when necessary and craft when you can.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  2. Your cards are gorgeous, love them all. BJ#6

  3. Hi Shoshi. Well I like your cards! :-) A lovely photo of Margaret and her beautiful work. She is such a delightful lady isn't she. The kittens are so cute. Ignoring expensive toys brings back memories of when our sons were small. They would of course have toys for Christmas, birthdays etc- but often , when very little were more interested in the wrappings and boxes. Anne x #13

  4. Beautiful cards - very elegant.
    How lovely that Margaret came, I looked up your profile and wished I had done so before as we come down to Brixham every year - will try to fit in a visit next time.
    Apple butter sounds interesting, will have to go look it up.
    Have a good week, take it easy.
    Christine #17

  5. Oh Shoshi, thank you for the smile you brought to us with the kitty videos - aren't they so cute - hubby and I are enjoying following their antics very much! I love your cards, they are very elegant and I think they work beautifully. I love the clean and simple look but I naturally create a busy, frilly style, which is partly fuelled by my love of using the hot glue gun!!
    What a lovely pic of Margaret, and how nice to get a day with her - the Pergamano looks beautiful but it does look like a lot of intricate work.
    Hope you have a good week and your good days outnumber your bad days,
    Diana x #19

  6. I love the cards Shoshi - they're beautiful, the simplicity of the design i susperb....

  7. Hi Shoshi, I have to say I love those cards you've made. So much I shall remember that design, and try it myself! So simple and elegant. Glad you had a lovely day with Margaret, isn't she so lovely? Like you I admire the Pergamano, and all this Groovi stuff by the Clarity people, but I'm afraid far to time consuming and fiddly for me also. Hope you are both well, I was really surprised to see how old the kitties were, where does the time go? Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #1 XxXx

  8. I have no chance of meeting other WOYWW people here in Spain so you are lucky that Margaret visited you her work is sensational. Have a good week. ANickoana#14

  9. What a lovely photo of Margaret! I'm so glad you had a good day together, she was saying at the Crop how much she was looking forward to it. Blimey, you have had an amazing crop of apples, lucky you - we left two apple trees in our old place, I do miss them!
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  10. Im so happy that you met my lovely Margaret. It made me smile that you dont think Pergamano is for you....some of the stuff you do is so time consuming in my opinion! Nevertheless, I totally get it, it's not for me either, as much as I appreciate it. For someone that doesnt make cards, you do them really well!

  11. Your desk is amazing so much crafty space :o) Gorgeous makes too!
    Tracey x

  12. Hi Shoshi, it's so lovely to see your crafty space, it's so organised. I love it. Sounds like you had a lovely time with Margaret. I love the effect of Pergamano, but don't have the patience for it.
    Your kittens are so gorgeous.
    Hugs Lisax #16

  13. Hi Shoshi! Can't type much - the eye thing. Love your workspace
    Rose @31

  14. how great that you got to meet up with Margaret - I agree about her pergamano skills - I only ever did some very basic stuff when i first got into crafting back in the mists of time. LOVE your cards - they look fab to me! have a great week. Helen #3

  15. Those cards are a lot more than "passable" Shoshi! But I know what you mean by not enjoying the task. We shouldn't feel obliged to do things we don't enjoy - unless we get paid for it LOL! Lovely that Margaret was able to visit - sounds like you two have had a lovely time together. I hope I'll have the opportunity to visit you one day too and have a cuddle with Ruby and Lily. They look so soft and cuddly! Oreo is a purrer too - sometimes he starts purring in his sleep when he senses that you're there just looking at him. Hope your ME gets better soon and you'll have more energy to do things - though it sounds like you've been plenty busy nevertheless! xx

  16. Hi Shoshi .... I think your cards are quite lovely. I would certainly be pleased if I had made them! Simple but stylish. One to put on my to make list. I'm glad you and Margaret had a lovely day. One say I hope to meet many of you at the Crop. We will see. Have a lovely week Heather #7

  17. Lily and Ruby are just tooooo cute! I don't know how you can stand all that double cuteness! We really need to get a new kitten while Inky is still in the playing stage. Her favourite toy has always been a dried rabbit ear that we got at the pet food store. Apparently cats go wild for them! And bits of paper from my craft room! I love your cards - simple but oh so beautiful! How nice that Margret came to visit you! Thanks for sharing, have a great week! Lindart #34

  18. Hi Shoshi, I think the cards are gorgeous, really elegant and classy looking. So glad to see Margaret came to visit, she'll be visiting me in the shed next Thursday on her way home and I'm really looking forward to it. (If anyone is passing Stoke on the M6 anytime they are also welcome). Hope you have a run of less tired days soon. Can't wait to hear how the apple butter turns out! Sarah #24


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