Sunday, 27 May 2018

Lily and Ruby Out in the Garden Again

This afternoon we let the kitties out into the garden again. It was nice and sunny and warm. Again, we did it late afternoon so that they would be hungry and more likely to come in, but they enjoyed it so much that we had a really hard time getting them to come in, especially Lily, who is dreadful – she will ever only do what she wants, and not what anyone else wants (unless what you want happens to be what she wants). Not even Dreamies were enough to bribe them to come in! We got Ruby in eventually, and shut her the other side of the kitchen door and eventually my hubby managed to grab Lily. I always knew we’d have trouble with that one…

Anyway, here’s the video I made from the footage I shot of them today. You can see that they are already a lot more confident than they were yesterday. Today they went on the grass for the first time, and explored the top part of the garden.

They really started to enjoy the experience of being outside today.


  1. They're sooooo sweet - and so big! They seem bigger than Oreo, honestly! I love their stripes - they look like they always wear their pajamas! They clearly enjoy exploring their new surroundings. My son walked in while I was watching the video and he recognised them from when they were tiny kittens!

  2. What can I say they are gorgeous, really enjoyed watching them. Angela xXx


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