Wednesday, 6 June 2018

WOYWW 470 Chaos!

Well, here we are back again after another week has flown by.

Old Windows Laptop RIP

Yesterday my elderly HP Pavilion laptop’s hard drive died. I’d been expecting something of the kind for a while because lately it’s been incredibly sluggish and also it tended to get rather hot. The same happened to my small one (same brand only smaller) and I wasted money to be told that there was no point repairing it because the motherboard was too old and overheating. So I decided simply to ditch the big one and probably won’t replace it, but make do with my newer large HP laptop. The old one was unusual in having two hard drives and I’d used the second one for all the stuff that was on the old failed small laptop. I have removed this and have ordered an enclosure for it so that I can continue to use it. I am not fazed by what has happened because all my data is backed up.

Since we moved here I’ve had an expensive dust-gatherer in the form of an old NAS drive that unfortunately won’t work with the Sky router. It had 2 hard drives, 1 TB each, and while I was at it yesterday I removed these and have ordered enclosures for them also. I shall use one for backups of all my data and probably the other one as a second backup. Something I’ve been planning to do for years!

Before deciding the old laptop wasn’t rescueable, I tried repairing it with my emergency start-up discs but the thing was kaput. I had to get loads of stuff down to find them and this is the chaos in my office a a result.

I’ve decided not to put anything back until I’ve been through it all and chucked out a lot of rubbish.

Studio Chaos

Further chaos reigns throughout my studio too.

No change on my desk this week apart from perhaps a slightly thicker layer of dust – no time or energy to do any art. Still working on the second heart ornament and the box for my mini-album. The stack of paper in front of the cutting machine was part of a birthday present from a friend – lots of goodies in there!

Things are no better the other side of the room. At least I shall soon be able to put all my wools away.


I have at last finished the second pair of socks for the homeless that I started last year. I am hoping someone at church will be able to pass them on now Socktober and Toevember are a distant memory – this project had to go into abeyance when our lives went pear-shaped in November when my hubby broke his leg and all that has happened since.

At least one of my UFOs is now finished.

They still look knobbly and uneven because they need to be blocked.

I’ve just got to sort out my knitting bag and then I can put the wools away.


The kitties are going out in the garden on a daily basis now. We think Lily had a fright the other day because she was suddenly terrified to go out and had to be taken out in my hubby’s arms and she’d dash back in again. She’s growing in confidence a bit more now, though. As for Ruby, she simply loves it out there and it’s a job to get her to come in – she spends her time mooching about looking at things, chasing flies, smelling the flowers…

I managed to get this shot of them both through the bedroom window this morning – unfortunately didn’t have time to open the window first so there’s a bit of reflection.

Ruby in the laundry basket:

Their latest favourite place is my hubby’s office chair.

Here’s my hubby having breakfast in the garden the other day. The kitties are out there somewhere with him!

My Birthday Present to Myself

When we went to Knightshayes on my birthday, we both fell in love with a metal astrolabe-style sundial so we bought it.

My hubby has made a pedestal for it from an upturned terracotta planter and the pedestal of a broken concrete urn! He is going to paint the whole pedestal with a sand-and-cement wash to make it uniform. Rather smart, don’t you think?

Shoshi Limps into the 21st Century at Last

I have finally given in and decided that I can’t live without a mobile phone. I have put it off for ages except for briefly last year when I was given an old Android smartphone which I couldn’t get on with. If I was going to get one at all it would have to be an iPhone but I wasn’t going to spend silly money at Apple’s prices. Yesterday I found some brilliant reconditioned ones on Ebay and have got one at a very good price – OK, it’s a SE so not the latest but I’m not fussed about that. I have also discovered a SIM only deal by a network called Smarty which is incredibly cheap and which will suit me perfectly well. I shan’t be using the phone that much but now that I am getting out and about on my own a bit more on the buggy I thought I should really have one so I can contact my hubby if necessary, and I’m fed up with all those organisations that assume everyone has mobiles and you can’t secure your account etc. without one.

So that’s my week. Everything but art, except for the knitting!


  1. So it looks as if last week was all about technology and next week will be all about tidying; I don't envy you Shoshi. Thank goodness everything was backed up. I must keep on top of my back ups, I don't know what I'd do if my laptop died at the moment. Love the socks and the kitty shots. Meow to Lily and Ruby. Sarah #4.

  2. Love the astrolabe - I can quite see why you fell in love with it. And clever hubby to create the base out of other bits and pieces, it's going to look even better when he's finished. The pics of the cats curled up never fail to make me smile, they're so pretty and very cute!
    Hugs LLJ 11 xx

  3. Too bad about the hard drive, but these things have a shelf life and it's not worth repairing them. In just a few years' time there's so much technological advancement that the "old" hardware just can't keep up. By old I mean 3 or 4 years - it's always best to be ahead of the game when it comes to hardware. I feel the same way as you about mobile technology - I carry a mobile phone with me for emergencies, but I almost never use it - I can't see the point in looking at such a small screen. And I certainly don't want to make myself available to everyone at all times when they call, so it's turned off most of the time.
    I spotted that sun dial immediately - mainly because I've been wanting one for a while too. They're a bit like armillary spheres? Good choice, I like yours!
    Oreo had a scare as well when he first started going out and he wouldn't go further than the end of the patio for two whole weeks. I'm sure something must have happened to him too - probably came face to face with another cat. Now his favourite thing is chasing away intruders - he goes crazy when he spots another cat. I'm just hoping he will not run into the road chasing them. He normally never goes near the lane, but he might if he is chasing another cat. Hope Lily gets her confidence back. Isn't she the braver of the two?

  4. Hi Shoshi, lovely pics of the kitties. We have so many backup drives, it's probably silly. As well as Cloud backup! But, no such thing as too much storage, is there. Welcome to the smartphone world, lol. You are quite right, they really are useful in case you need help or have a problem when out alone/ Have a lovely week, hugs to you both, Shaz #18 XxX

  5. Great post today. The kitties look so comfy together. I always love to see your work space but today!!! Hope you get sorted soon. Happy woyww, Angela x16x

  6. I love the socks Shoshi - they're amazing, hope they go to someone who really needs them... !

  7. I know I should talk about your space but your kitties are SO CUTE!! My three send confidence purrs.. although Petal my eldest tends to sleep her time away indoors now.. the other two are loving being in the garden.

    Your sundial is fantastic too! Can't wait to see how your hubby's project turns out.. he could always Powertex it too haha.

    Sumbunneh hugs x
    Erika #7

  8. well you are very impressive with your computer skills! I wouldn't know where to start. Love the pic of the kitties on the office chair! Your sundial looks amazing. Helen #3

  9. Wow, sorry to read about the laptops, but you are wise to have backups like that.

    Your craft room IS a bit of chaos, but I'm sure it won't be once you have a chance to clean it properly.

    I love the photos of the kitties and the one of your husband in the garden. Your new gift to yourself is wonderful. It really goes well in your garden, too. Very clever way to display it.

    I've STILL never owned a cell phone, so good for you. Happy WOYWW from # 2.

  10. Love the knitting and the photos. I share the frustration that computers can be when they give up - can be so time consuming and cause chaos. Hazel WOYWW #22 x

  11. Well you lost me in the first part of the post - but I'm glad you're getting all your computer stuff sorted! Back onto familiar turf with knitting and craft! I'm sure the socks will be very well received - they are quite spectacular, and I do love your sundial. I think your hubby has done a fabulous job making the base like that and it will look even more stunning when he's coated the pieces to match. I'm enjoying the pics of the kitties - how funny getting into the laundry basket!
    Have a good week,
    Diana x

  12. Love the sun dial, gracious what an inventive way to display it too, really great ideas! Your studio doesnt look too bad to me, but I know that if you’re living with it. It feels horrid doesnt it! The socks are wonderful, am sure someone will benefit, just a donation to a clothes charity would do!


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