Wednesday, 3 April 2019

WOYWW 513 Share, Foot and Mouth

Edit:  I am afraid I am still having problems with photos. No need to comment if you can’t see them. I am working on the problem and hopefully you will be able to see at least some of them. I can get them to appear, but they disappear again…


I think I may have sorted the problem of my non-appearing photos – I had tried viewing my blog after logging out of my Google account and lo and behold, the photos were no longer visible to me along with everyone else, and since they were visible when I was logged in, I thought long and hard about that and wondered if it was a “share” issue on Google Photos. After making them “shared,” I logged out again and yes, they were visible to me. So please let me know if they are visible this week, and if they are, please scroll back to last week’s posts and you should be able to see the photos there as well.

As for all my disappearing photos since the demise of Google+, I am trying to work on two posts per day on average, and so far, working backwards, I have got back to June of last year, so it’s not going too badly.


Well, at least, footwear.

When we went shopping in Totnes last week I bought some gorgeous new felt slippers with really fun tops with felt balls on them.

They are quirky and fun and everybody says they are very “me”! My first thought was what fun it would be to embellish them! Having done my striped scarf with embroidered felt balls and other embellishments:

I thought I could do something similar with the slippers.

I have started cutting out some simple flower and leaf shapes from my large stash of felt.

Unlike with the scarf, I want the flowers and leaves to be flush with the surface of the slippers, rather than being 3-D. I am planning to do some wool embroidery on them and then stitch them to the slippers, and maybe add some embroidered stems, depending on how they look. The felt balls dangling from the tops of the slippers will have embroidery added to them.

Next time we go to Totnes I shall have to take the slippers back to the shop where I got them and show them what I’ve done!!


Not so pleasant. I’d had the permanent filling put in my cracked wisdom tooth last Thursday and all was well, although it was a bit painful on and off when I bit down on it. My hubby said this was normal and he often got this for a few days after having had a filling (he has far more than I do so his is the voice of experience). It was pretty bad on Sunday and I was worried about it. Then at tea time on Sunday I thought part of another filling had broken off so my hubby rang on Monday and made an appointment for me for yesterday lunch time.

When I got there the dentist agreed with my hubby about teeth often being a bit sore for a few days afterwards, and then he looked at the other tooth and said the whole filling had come out! He fixed it then and there but it was a lot worse than the wisdom tooth one and the whole thing was pretty stressful. I had loads of local anaesthetic and my mouth didn’t come back to normal until tea time, and it’s been hurting since then, even though it didn’t hurt after the old filling came out. Hopefully it will settle down in a few days. I do hate going to the dentist and consider I’ve had more than my “fill” (sorreee) of it recently!

Our dentist is so lovely – he’s really friendly and knows what a wimp I am and always tries to put me at my ease (impossible) but we usually manage to have quite a laugh once the horrid part is done! He was very amused once when I told him I’d rather have 6 months of chemo than come and see him! Today he said everybody hated him and he had no friends because he was a dentist (which I don’t believe as he’s really nice and friendly!) and he said it was on a par with traffic wardens and tax inspectors. He then asked me, “What do you call 80 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?” I hadn’t a clue. Answer: “A good start.” Lol!!! (I have to agree – they charged us an arm and a leg, and possibly a mouthful of teeth, to wind up Mum’s estate… and it took them over a year.)

Anyway, I hope I don’t have any more tooth problems from now on.

Hospital appointment next Wednesday

I am going to see Mr. Daniels, another colorectal surgeon, at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (RD&E) next week, having been referred by Mr. Pullan, my surgeon at Torbay. He wanted a second opinion on what he calls my “intractable” parastomal hernia, and depending on what Mr. Daniels has to say on the matter, I may need further surgery. I shall be very interested to hear his opinion about it.


Lily and Ruby haven’t been doing anything spectacular recently apart from the usual sleeping, eating, the odd tiff, a fair bit of chasing each other around the house – thundering paws above our heads – whoever said cats were silent on their feet? We’ve always had elephants! They’ve been out most days and seem safe without constant supervision now my hubby has fixed the defences, but we don’t let them out unless he’s around, just in case. They have been moulting their winter coats and getting a few fur balls (fluffy Lily especially) and very, very demanding at feeding times!

No new photos recently so here’s one of their baby ones, just to remind you how dinky they were. 5 weeks old, the first time we saw them, the day we claimed them for our own. We got them at 9 weeks, and my goodness, it was hard having to wait those few weeks for them.

Ruby on the left of the picture, Lily on the right. (My hubby in the middle!) I can’t believe how tiny they were – they are really substantial now – great hulking girlies!

Finally, a cat funny for you.

Have a great week, everybody.


  1. Well, it was HOORAY! because I could see your slippers. Fabulous! Then the scarf which i had seen before but loved to see again. Carrying on down I came to the bit about the cats and oh dear, NO Photos! I am so sorry to report this Shoshi but suddenly there is nothing pictorial.
    Sending this off now in the hope you get it first thing this morning. Will be interesting to see if others have the same result.
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  2. Love the slippers and your plans for them sound great. Looking forward to seeing what happens over the next few days/weeks. If you make as good a job on them as you did on the scarf (which is fabulous) they will be well worth the effort you are putting in.
    Sorry to hear about the experience at the dentists. Another fear of mine too. My dentists surgery is lovely - all pink and lime green chairs against a greyish background with lots of pretty floral displays - looks nothing like a dentists. It even has one of those wrought iron tables and chairs you see in gardens and the chair I sit in in the actual surgery is lime green. No dentists smell either. Her husband's room upstairs has a pink dental chair and a TV on the ceiling. Everything has been done to make you feel at ease but I still put it off if I can.
    Hope your mouth settles down in the next few days - can't be pleasant.
    Also hope that things go well when you visit the colorectal guy. Keep us informed.
    As I said, no kitty photos for me, but I love to hear about them anyway. Glad the escaping Ruby has been curtailed.
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  3. Hi Shosi! The booties look adorable - I thought they were baby booties, but I guess they're out of context. The last two photos are not visible to me, but I can see the first three. So whatever it is that the first three has and the last two doesn't, will be the problem! Hopefully, you can find it - it must be so annoying - something like this would bug me too. I can't see any of last week's photos either, by the way and I hate to miss the ones of the kittie! I'm awol this weeks again, but should be back soon! xx

  4. Now getting the first cat photo - improving bit by bit. Feel so bad for you - hope it sorts out.
    hugs, Neet 6 xx

  5. Love the scarf! Gorgeous work, Shoshi! And the booties really are you, aren't they? Kitten nostalgia brings a smile. Precious. Happy WOYWW
    Rose #26

  6. Hi Shoshi, the slippers are gorgeous and I love your decorating ideas for them - they will be the bees knees of slippers when you've finished them. I also love the finished scarf - fabulous decorations and it must be spectacularly eye-catching when you wear it out.
    Along similar lines to Zsuzsa I can see the all the photos except the last one! It seems a very strange problem but well done for getting this far with sorting it out - I wouldn't know where to start.
    Hope your tooth problems calm down quickly for you, and good luck with the Surgeon.
    Diana x #17

  7. Hi Shoshi, all seems fine on the picture front this week. Hopefully you will get some answers with this new appointment. The kitties were so tiny, weren't they? And yes, all cats seem to thunder about when running! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #1 X

  8. The photos are absolutely fine, and totally visible. Your slippers are so bright and cheerful, and perfect for your intended embellishments. Hope your various health issues can soon be sorted. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter) #11

  9. I can see all the pics. Love the slippers, and yoUr plans for them...hope your feet don’t get cold whilst you’re sewing!

  10. LOVE your slippers! (yes, I can see them!!) I hate the dentist too, I am afraid I have loads of work that needs doing but I won't go... I find the injections worse than the treatment but still won't go and not have injections! anyway.... fingers crossed the new surgeon comes up with some answers for your hernia. Off to check last weeks pics! Helen #3

  11. Those slippers are gorgeous, I need them! Love the cat funny too. Have a great woyww, Angela x15x

  12. I can see the photos fine Shoshi. Can't wait to see what you do with those slippers! My how the girls have grown. Hope the appointment finally leads to a permanent solution for the hernia. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  13. Hi Shoshi,
    Love the slippers glad you worked out your photo issue. Strange isn’t it the things going on since demise of Google + I noticed I’d lost my profile photo on one of my profiles, I’ve two one linked to hotmail and one to gmail so I can’t be locked out. Both have full authority over blog.
    I hate the dentist too but seem to live there. I don’t get some procedures done, eg avoid needles where I can. I’ve an extraction due soon, a molar.. failed root canal and prob extract in a month and big filling next week.
    And ten days ago I went to Syd to see a dental specialist, and was at my regular dentist last week, so you see I do live at the dentist! ๐Ÿ˜ it isn’t cheap either...
    Cute teeny kits, praying all is well with specialist visit.
    Prayer hugs dear Shoshi.
    Shaz in Oz.x #13

  14. Oh those kittens! So cute! Mittsy is now almost the size of Inky, and she's only 7 months old! Sorry to hear about your dental problems. I was wondering why you just didn't get your wisdom teeth extracted? Here it's almost done automatically! I had a root canal last year - terrible pain, will never go through that again - and yet that tooth is still sensitive - ?? I thought root canals got rid of all the nerves in the tooth? Anyway, a question for the dentist to answer. Those slippers are fun! My first thought with them was that the cats would be after those pom poms in no time! But maybe they are now past that stage. Looking forward to seeing them "blinged" up! Have a great week, hugs to the kitties, Lindart #29

  15. Happy Belated WOYWW. I didn't get time to join in this week, but visiting a few blogs tonight. Ye, I can see your lovely photos. Love the slippers. I hate the dentist too. I had dental phobia for several years after local anaesthetic stopped working for me (a common problem with Fibromyalgia) and I had a bad experience with a filling. I didn't go to the dentist for 3 years, until I found a special clinic (a 90 minute drive away!) that could offer general anaesthetic. I had to have 8 fillings (another common problem with Fibromyalgia) - and had 2 sessions of surgery. Eventually I gained the courage to have treatment under sedation, so transferred to a more local clinic, and last year my lovely new dentist persuaded me to try local anaesthetic for a filling (he uses a new type and injects it differently). It worked! However, I have my limits and he has mentioned a few times that I might need to have my wisdom teeth removed. That is something I could not cope with, so would at least need sedation. I am always jealous of people who do not have any problem with their teeth. Ali x


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