Wednesday, 18 August 2010

ARTHaven in the Making! - 3

I've made definite progress in my ARTHaven-to-be today, and have finished clearing the desk. I generated another 4 bags of shredded paper and a huge box of old magazines I no longer want. All grist to the recycling mill! I also uncovered a humungous amount of dust... Wonderwoman (my home help) is going to have her work cut out when she comes on Friday. I'm going to ask her to team up with my hubby to move the furniture where I want it. Because there's a deadline on this, I've had to crack on quite a bit today to clear enough space to be able to move stuff around - it's a bit like a Chinese puzzle! I still want to have a go at the big shelves on the left of the room, but I think I've overdone it somewhat today (to say the least) so I may be suffering tomorrow and have to put that on hold.

05 ARTHaven in the Making 17 Aug 10

06 ARTHaven in the Making 17 Aug 10

Good news! My new monitor has arrived at last! Here's a picture of it:

07 ARTHaven in the Making 17 Aug 10

However... When the postman rang the bell and brought it in for me, he said "I hope the contents are all right!" I said "So do I! There'll be hell to pay if not - I've waited over a fortnight for this to come and if it's damaged, that will be the last straw!"

As I spoke, I noticed one corner of the monitor poking out through a hole in the box. I pulled at the top of the parcel and it came away with one hand, revealing the monitor inside, and 2 short strips of that packing material which is bags full of air. Not a scrap of bubble wrap. The postman stared, and said "I'd have coated that with several layers of bubble wrap!"

Here are some pictures of the opened box - you'll hardly believe your eyes!!

08 New Monitor Packaging 1 17 Aug 10

09 New Monitor Packaging 2 17 Aug 10

Note the hole in the corner, where the monitor was poking through!

I am amazed that it is undamaged. I plugged it in, and it worked straight away. It's a very nice monitor, and I'm pleased with it, but this has not been a pleasurable buying experience on Ebay - I don't think I've ever had a worse transaction. He will get feedback accordingly.

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  1. Soshi I'm glad it finally came. Looks like you are making progress. Have fun.


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