Friday, 20 August 2010

ARTHaven in the Making! - 4

I'm nearly there! Last night I worked really hard in order to get the room as ready as possible for when Wonderwoman (my home help) arrived first thing this morning, so that she and my hubby could move the furniture for me. My hubby got rid of my old monitor, and this gives me a lot more room, and will enable me to move the computer table.

11 ARTHaven in the Making 19 Aug 10

What I did last night was to finish rearranging the big black shelves so that stuff I don't use very often was pushed to the back, and stuff I'm more likely to use is at the front. Also I wanted everything flush with the front as much as possible, so that nothing was sticking out.

12 ARTHaven in the Making 19 Aug 10

This is the other side of the room, with things stacked up under the small table out of the way, so that there would be room the following day to move the other furniture.

10 ARTHaven in the Making 19 Aug 10

This is the room after my hubby and Wonderwoman had moved the big pieces of furniture.

13 ARTHaven in the Making 20 Aug 10

Afterwards I realised that they hadn't turned the brown shelves upside down on the table, so my hubby and I did that later - and I then realised that upside down, there was no space to thread cables through, so my hubby cut two circular holes in the back for this purpose.

This photo shows the final layout as far as the furniture is concerned.

14 ARTHaven in the Making 20 Aug 10

I've put the small table, the old computer table, and the small filing cabinet that used to be under the desk, in front of the big black shelves. As they are all on casters they can be moved if I need to access the big shelves. Having the small filing cabinet not under the desk has given me another surface to put things on.

15 ARTHaven in the Making 20 Aug 10

Setting up my computer took a lot longer than I thought. It was a nightmare sorting out all the cables, and eventually I had to put the computer tower on the right under the table, rather than tucked away on the left, because of making everything reach. As it is, the miserable little short mains cable for the speakers does not reach, so until I find a short extension cable, I've got no sound.

By the time I'd done all that I was wiped out, so I've decided not to do any more today. My craft stuff is still all over the landing. It's going to take a long time to sort it all out, and I am sure that it will be a while before things get permanent homes, as I will need to work in my new ARTHaven to discover what goes best where.

Finally, my dear, dear Hubby has lent me his laser printer! He's brought it upstairs, but as yet I'm not quite sure where it's going to go - I didn't really want the inkjet printer where it is, on the shelf behind the monitor. I may return it downstairs and reconnect it to the router and get it back on the network, if I find I am using the laser printer more. As I say, it's all pretty fluid at this stage. I've decided I want to put my Cricut over on the left of the main work table when I get it, as long as I can get a long enough USB cable to connect it to the computer! I may have an extension somewhere so I shall have to see.

Hope you like my new, embroyonic ARTHaven! I'm so looking forward to doing some crafting in it. It's weeks since I've done any, and I'm missing it. Not long now, hopefully!


  1. Oh Shoshi this is have done so much and it was all worth it...I love your space you have and the windows are spectacular.... It looks like it will be nice and cozy.....I am so happy for you.

  2. Shoshi I am so amazed at what your have accomplished in so short a time. Kudos to you! It looks great!

  3. Oh Shoshi...It's looking AWESOME ma'am!!! I'm absolutely LOVING your ARThaven......and I'm enjoying it coming together!!!!! I can just SEE you in there creating!!!


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