Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Beehive Explosion Box Pt 2

I haven't felt well enough to get into my ARTHaven today (if I feel better later I might do a bit more tonight), but I had a good session working on the Beehive Explosion Box last night.

I have inked the flaps with Tim Holtz Distress Inks in Pumice Stone for the edges, and a bit of Wild Honey (appropriate!) for the middles, and just Wild Honey on the tag holders. After that I did two layers of clear embossing on the cells with "honey" in them. Unfortunately, in this picture that I took this morning, this doesn't show up very well at all, but just makes them look green! The embossing pen is pale blue which does give the gold a greenish tinge, but it's not quite as bad as on the photo. Also, the photo hasn't picked up how shiny they now are. Subsequent photos may show this up better. It's really difficult to photograph these things well - you get a good effect with artificial light but that alters the colours. I think a daylight bulb will solve a lot of the problems.

09 Mock-Up with Inking and Embossing

Still to do: Decorate the outside of the flaps of the outer box, stick the tag holders down, make the tags and other decorations, assemble the box, make the lid and embellish it, make the flying bees on their acetate strips.


  1. Nice...Just stopped in to say, "God bless you." Take care and may our Lord continue to shine through you and your blog. Lloyd

  2. you are so talented! I love your beehive explosion box!!!!


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