Thursday, 17 March 2011

It made me laugh!

A couple of things over the past few days really made me laugh. The first was when my hubby came in and said “You’ll never guess what I’ve just seen Phoebe doing!”

She loves to sleep on the bird table, even though it’s too narrow for her and her fat little body hangs over the edges! I took this photo a while ago:

Phoebe Asleep on the Bird Table 31 Jul 09

I think the birds are very brave, coming to feed there! My hubby puts seeds on the table, and hangs nuts from hooks on the table. Anyway, he caught her in the act of scoffing the seeds he’d put out for the birds! He called to her, and she looked up briefly, chomping away, and then her head went straight back down again! It’s no wonder she’s so tubby, with all this snacking between meals!!!

The first thing that creased me up this morning, when I looked out of the window to see my hubby running the outboard motor of his boat in a dustbin full of water!!

N with Outboard in a Dustbin

(In this photo, you can see Katie in the background, complete with her muddy sides! My hubby’s getting some mud flaps for her soon, and when he’s cleaned her, I can put my butterflies on!!!!!)

Unfortunately I just missed getting a photo of the outboard in the water and running, and producing clouds of smoke, with the water bubbling away like something out of The Scottish Play. I knocked on the window when he turned it off, and he could see I was laughing my head off and saying that now I’d seen everything! – and he got grumpy with me and stomped off, which made me fall about even more!! (That one takes himself way too seriously!!)

When he came in, remembering that when he fell in the river last year he lost a wellie which is probably half way to America by now, I asked him if he’d lost the other one in the dustbin!!

He told me it was a standard way of testing your outboard, running it for an hour of so, so that you are sure that it works properly before taking it out on the water again. I believe him… I think…

The other thing that made me laugh this morning was spilling my porridge all over myself. Before I’d cooked it, I hasten to add! The plastic container holding the dry oats slipped and spilt all over my lap and feet. My hubby, bless him, cleared it all up for me and I was able to get my breakfast in peace. I laughed at the thought of the terrible mess I’d have been in if I’d cooked it first!

Life can be so funny sometimes. (Oh, I know… all you lot are probably thinking, “She should get out more!”)


  1. lol Love the cat

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