Friday, 18 March 2011

Some New Texture Overlays

I’ve created a few more texture overlays which I’ve uploaded to my Windows Live SkyDrive album if anyone wants to download and use them. They are taken from nature.


Tree Bark 1:

Tree Bark 1

Tree Bark 2:

Tree Bark 2

As before, these are available for free download and use from my SkyDrive album:

All I ask is that they are not used for commercial gain, and that if you mention my name and my blog address if you use them, that would be very nice.

They are all uploaded in their original size and resolution (12 x 12 in, 300 dpi) so would be ideal for scrapbooking projects where you want to print them out.

Here they are again, with different backgrounds using the overlay blending mode, to show how they might look in use. All these backgrounds have come from Serif CraftArtist digital scrapbooking software.

CraftArtist BG 5 with Leaves Texture Overlay

CraftArtist BG 6 with Tree Bark 1 Texture Overlay

CraftArtist BG 7 with Tree Bark 2 Texture Overlay

You can get an infinite variety of effects by using different backgrounds and colours, and even by overlaying one texture overlay over another – over and over and over – did I say “over”? OK, you get the idea!

To use them, simply import them into your photo editor and place them as a new layer over your chosen background. In the blending modes option, choose “Overlay” and you are done.

Hope you enjoy using them.


  1. really pretty,love the red one, i will have a play with these later

  2. I really appreciate your post, this would really provide the great information .Thanks for sharing.



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