Saturday, 23 April 2011

Katie’s Butterflies

You may remember when we got our new car (Katie) my hubby and I had a “battle” over whether or not I could have my butterflies on her.

He eventually agreed (we’ve been married 25 years this May and we all know about compromise ROFL!!!!!) so I went ahead and got the butterflies off Ebay. I got two large decals, one for each side, and also a pack of separate, smaller butterflies, which duly arrived, and then I promptly lost them! (Put it down to M.E. brainfog…) My hubby put the big decals on, and then several weeks later I found the small ones again, but I couldn’t put them on until he’d got round to cleaning the car.

I put them on this morning, and what’s more, the sun was shining brightly so I could get some photos too! (My hubby pulled a face when he saw I’d put some on the doors as well… then he said, “I suppose I’ll get used to it!”)

Here’s Katie in all her glory.

Katie's Butterflies 1 23-04-11

Katie's Butterflies 2 Side 23-04-11

Katie's Butterflies 3 Back 23-04-11

Katie's Butterflies 4 Back Detail 23-04-11

I had a few left after decorating Katie’s outside, so I decided to put them inside where I could see them when we are driving her. Unfortunately it was really hard to get these ones to show up on the photo, despite adjusting the brightness and contrast – it’s a very bright sunny day today, but I think you can see there are three butterflies here.

Katie's Butterflies 5 Internal 1 23-04-11

I then put the last one at the top of the window.

Katie's Butterflies 6 Internal 2 23-04-11

I’m really thrilled with Katie’s Ebay butterflies! My hubby just likes to make a fuss but he’ll soon forget they are even there!


  1. Maybe you should have added a few caterpillars for hubby! I think he likes them secretly!

  2. it looks fab, like the little ones inside.
    bet he loves it really

  3. Cool!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Enjoy!

  4. I love the butterflies... May our Lord shine upon you and your family this Resurrection Day. God bless, Lloyd

  5. Just what the doctor ordered.......
    They are really pretty,are the bees on the way?


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