Monday, 4 April 2011

My Mum’s 90th Birthday and a Moorland Outing

We went over for tea with my mum and dad on Saturday – her 90th birthday – and gave her her presents and card. She was thrilled with it all. Here are some pictures of her opening them. (She doesn’t look 90, does she!!)

7 Opening the Scarf

9 Showing Off the Sweet Pea Box

11 Opening her Card

After we left them, we went for a little drive in the car, onto the moors, and I was able to get some photos. Unfortunately the sun disappeared just as we set out, which was a shame, because the late afternoon is my favourite time for photography because of the long shadows and interesting light.

This is Hay Tor, one of the more dramatic tors on Dartmoor.

01 Hay Tor

This gorgeous thatched house is near Bellever.

02 Foxworthy House

I loved this avenue of trees with the daffodils, and the blossom tree.

03 Avenue with Daffodils

There is some very impressive dry stone walling on Dartmoor. I particularly like this bit of wall with the huge stones, and the smaller ones fitting between. Some of the walls on the moor itself are made of more rounded stones and you can see the light between them – they have been there for generations and are not about to move any time soon.

04 Beautiful Stone Wall

One of my favourite of Pam Ayers’ poems is:

I am a dry stone waller;

All day I dry stone wall.

Of all appalling callings

Dry stone walling’s worst of all.

Lovely results, though!

This is a very pretty little stone bridge over a stream:

05 Bridge Over Stream

and another one over the river.

07 Bridge Over River

Some mossy trees.

08 Mossy Trees

As we approached a village on our way home, I was able to photograph the daffodils on top of the bank. Every year they are magnificent. Unfortunately we only just caught them in time as they are starting to go over now.

09 Daffodils on Bank by Brenda's House

The village itself is also famous for its daffodils.

11 Landscove Daffodils 1

12 Landscove Daffodils 2

Finally, a photo I took through the car windscreen of a ploughed field with an interesting texture.

10 Ploughed Field

All in all a lovely day.On Sunday we took my parents and an old family friend out for lunch to celebrate Mothering Sunday – my mum was overwhelmed to have yet another card from me! I reminded her that it was only because her birthday coincided with Mothering Sunday this year – usually they are a few weeks apart. It was a fitting celebration all round, though!


  1. I so enjoyed looking at your pictures...with my mum being from did make me smile to see bits of England. Thanks for sharing these beautiful sights.

  2. What a lovely day you had Shoshi!! I really enjoyed looking at your world and all the beauty you found on your drive! *Hugs*


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