Friday, 17 June 2011

Beatrice the Computer Queen Again

Beatrice on Laptop 16-12-04

She’s been at it again…

I came down to find she had opened my DVD player and was trying to play a DVD, and when I closed that full-screen window, I found a couple more underneath, proving what a busy girl she’d been. The first one showed that she’d opened my Video Remaker software which enables you to trim the ends of video clips, split them up, etc. etc. I think this is the first time she’s got interested in anything to do with video.

Beatrice's Typing 9 Administrative Settings and Video ReMaker

Closing that window, I found another underneath: Control Panel – Ease of Access.

Beatrice's Typing 9a Administrative Settings - High Contrast

Perhaps in this case she was trying to be helpful to me as a disabled user – not that I need High Contrast to be set up, but it proves her heart is in the right place.

Underneath this window I found the Windows Mobility Centre which she obviously thought was Mobility in the context of disability – this obviously didn’t answer her immediate needs, hence opening the Control Panel to discover the Windows Accessibility settings. However, I don’t remember muting the volume, which appears to have been checked on this dialog box. Perhaps that’s why she gave up on the DVD player – no sound?

Beatrice's Typing 9b Windows Mobility Centre

I’ve been struggling enough over the past few days getting my new Windows 7 installation to function properly, without “assistance” from our resident computer expert, but at least she shows willing.

When she’s not working, she likes to relax in bed:

Beatrice in Duvet

in her radiator hammock:

Beatrice & Chloe in Hammock 15 Jan 05

(Unfortunately this is the only photo I’ve got of her in the hammock, and she’s struggling to relax with Chloe having muscled in! Poor little Chloe was killed on the road last year)…

on my lap (here with Phoebe):

Beatrice & Phoebe on my Lap, May 2010

in my wheelchair (apologies for the washing drying on the radiator!!!)

Beatrice in Rolls Royce 23-05-10

or her favourite place of all, as close to Daddy as possible!

Beatrice Cuddling with Daddy 1 16-08-12

These are all favourites for days with inclement weather. However, when it’s hot and sunny, there’s nothing she enjoys more than a spot of hot-tubbing in the garden:

Beatrice Hot Tubbing

Since we’re on a roll with Beatrice piccies, I thought you might enjoy this one of her with her sister Bella, who was also killed on the road outside our house. This picture was taken not long after we got them and they were utterly adorable – little soft grey balls of fluff! When we first had them, I could hold them both in one hand. Beatrice is the one on the left.

Beatrice and Bella on Scratching Post Autumn 2000

She wasn’t computer-literate in those days, of course.

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