Thursday, 23 June 2011

Computer Upgrade–Home Again!

I’ve got my computer home again – what a relief! I’m in the process of reinstalling everything now, and I am sure that it will all run nice and smoothly now that the problem has been resolved.

We had a wonderful day out today and picked up the computer on the way – whenever we left the car my hubby (bless his heart!) carried the computer in its bag so that it wasn’t left unattended in the car – it’s no mean weight, and I was most grateful that he kept it safe for me.

Until I’ve got everything back onto it, I can’t sort all the photos I took today, but as soon as I’ve got my photo editing software back on, I’ll get down to it and do a blog about our lovely day in Cornwall.

I’m a very happy bunny indeed, relaxing on the recliner with my feet up, with my erstwhile poorly pooter downloading its anti-virus program beside me, tired after our spiffing day out. Never mind that tomorrow I’ll probably crash with the dreaded M.E. post-exertional malaise – I feel totally spiffed!!!!!

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