Monday, 2 January 2012

Meet Francine

New Year’s Day was a most exciting day for me! First of all we had Sheba’s Coming Out Party, and then we had a new arrival! (Actually the new arrival came before the Coming Out Party but we won’t quibble about that, will we.)

We have some friends who live in Dorset, and they try and visit about once a month to come to our church. The husband’s mother died recently, and they have been busy clearing her house. When they arrived today, they brought with them a beautiful doll, which I thought they’d just brought to show me, but then they said “She’s for you!”

His mother apparently had three of these, and they are bringing the others next time they come!

They think that this particular one is about 25 years old, which amazed me because she looks brand new, and perfect! She still has a label attached, which says “My name is Francine.”

Her body is made of stuffed calico, but her face and hands are made of porcelain. Her face in particular is beautifully made, with delicately tinted cheeks and “real” hair eyelashes! She has a wonderful head of brown ringlets.

Her clothes are beautiful – and beautifully made and finished.

She is not a toy, but a collector’s piece, made by Leonardo Collections. I have never owned anything like this before, and I am very thrilled to have her.


  1. No wonder you are thrilled, what a thoughtful present, and she is a stunner - beautiful eyes. Can't wait to the see the other two when they arrive.

  2. And she could not have gone to a better home. I know you and Francine will become great friends. She is beautiful.

  3. Oh Shoshi - she is beautiful!!! What wonderful friends you have, and what an honor to be selected to be the new owner of them.


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