Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Our Nephew’s Wedding–Follow Up

This evening we went over to visit my hubby’s brother again because our nephew and his wife were there – this is the first time I’ve seen them since the wedding in August, and we were able to give them our presents at last. My hubby didn’t take them to the wedding because it would have meant carrying them on the plane to Estonia, and they’d only have had to bring them back to London with them, so we waited until now.

Here they are, having received their presents, which, as you can see from their faces, they were delighted with! Our nephew’s wife is a very creative, artistic person and she in particular could fully appreciate how much work had gone into the gifts. You can read about my present to them here, and my hubby painted a watercolour of the church where they were married, and they were particularly thrilled with the fact that he’d painted tiny figures on the hill in front of the church, just as they had been on the wedding day.

My hubby’s other brother and his wife came too, and our nephew’s wife’s parents and little sister were there as well, and it was so nice to meet them at last – I recognised them from the wedding videos and photos. There were 11 of us around the table in the conservatory and we had a great meal together!

Here they all are after the meal.

As we were leaving, the bride’s mother gave us this lovely big bar of special Estonian chocolate!

Now I’ve got even more choccie to chomp my way through post-Christmas before I get my diet back on track! Such hardship…

It was a great evening!

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